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luxury car rental in Rwanda

Top Performing Vehicles to hire for a self-drive in Rwanda

As the tourism trend continues to be something that almost all people would love to spend on more, whether domestic tourists or international tourists, they are all longing for longer safaris with more independence, flexibility and convenience yet on tighter budgets.

Trying to cut the costs, most travellers have opted for self-drive safaris avoiding the chauffeur payments. Rwanda being with nice highway roads connecting to most of the tourist attractions and hospitable people everywhere who could easily direct anyone who seems to have lost his way have made it easy for all self-drive tourists heading to the national parks of these countries and other amazing wonders.

But having to drive for longer distances, travellers are now seeking for speedy cars that can travel miles in just a short period creating adventures that cannot be easily forgotten. Walking on the streets in Rwanda and Rwanda, you realize that most cars are Toyota vehicles because of their trusted speed that limits the time spent on roads.

Here are the top speed vehicles that any traveller should consider hiring for any self-drive in Rwanda, regardless of the purpose of the car.

Toyota Land cruisers

These are a series of four-wheel drive vehicles made in Japan. Land cruisers are the ultimate expression of capability and luxury. These are vehicles that go off-road without any inconveniences. They have stylish interiors, CD and flash music players making the whole vehicle so luxurious and comfortable. For self-drive tours in Rwanda, Land cruisers are the perfect vehicles that assure that you arrive in style. TXs, TZ, Prado SL, Hard Top and extended land cruisers are all that you could choose from.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles

These offer exhilarating performance, sophisticated style and intelligent technology that no other car possesses. The pre-safe brakes that can control the unsuspended speed. The comfort, the four-wheel drives plus their height above the ground making them very flexible cars for the highest form of speed any traveller would ever want to drive. Mercedes-Benz is also perfect cars to consider for self-drives in Rwanda.

Subaru cars

These are designed for optimal balance with wheel drives that make them extremely stable with impressive efficiency and a quick response to driving conditions. Subaru vehicles are those that can handle all terrains in Rwanda, whether the smooth roads in Kampala or the rugged roads in Kisoro, you can never go wrong with a Subaru car. Also, the comfortable interior makes them one of the perfect cars for self-drives in Rwanda.

Double cabins

These are both manual and automatic, and some are manufactured by Toyota and others by Isuzu. Double cabins include the Hilux, Navara and so many others. They are strong cars and very stylish, meeting the standards of a perfect car for a self-drive in Rwanda regardless of the purpose; whether a safari to Akagera national park or just a honeymoon drives around Kampala, Double Cabins are a right solution.


Jeeps are so modern in every way, the interior is so comfortable for both the driver and the passengers even if they had to travel for days without resting. It has strong and fast breaks that can control the unsuspended speed. It is one vehicle that can cover a long distance in just minutes; it can be best compared to a cheetah in terms of speed. Consider it for a safe self-drive in  Rwanda.

For travellers in Rwanda that would want to have safe self-drives in East Africa, the above options should be strongly considered.


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