Crystal Car hire - 4×4 Rwanda Car Rentals and Self-drive Tours

Crystal car hire is a car rental agency in Kigali Rwanda which offers the best Rwanda Car Rental services for self-drive tours in Rwanda. You can choose a Cross-border tour to Uganda for your holiday. Get the best car rental prices on 4×4 cars with Self-drive car hire options. With our large fleet of well-maintained cars that range from Sedans, Vans, 4×4 Jeeps, pickup trucks, and many more, we are always ready to serve you at any time. With our exceptional knowledge and proven experience as a car hire agency, we guarantee you value for money.  The car rental process is seamless and hustle free, simply book and we will send you a confirmation for reservation of your preferred car in the comfort of your home or office.

We hire cars for a day, week, and Month in Rwanda. Whether you are looking for a luxury or economy car, we will make you that you get the best car for your needs. Our extensive range of services includes car rental for self-drive in Rwanda, Chauffeur hire, airport transfers as well as tours within Rwanda. Enjoy our monthly special discounts and save some money for your trip while in Rwanda. We are your professional dedicated team, providing the most affordable rates for car hire services in Rwanda. If you are looking for a chauffeur-driven rental or self-drive car hire, we are definitely the best local car rental agency. We are locally owned and are committed to offering the best quality 4×4 vehicles for rental. Get the best professional Car hire Rwanda services.

GPS for Rwanda self drive

    Extended Safari Land Cruiser.

    The Extended Safari Land cruiser is the ultimate 4×4 Car rental for Self Drive in Rwanda. 5 doors seats 4pax max with enough luggage space and Full-time 4Wheel

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    Suzuki Vitara - Self-drive

    Available for hire on both Self-drive Rwanda and chauffeur hire, Full time 4×4 and seat 4pax max with luggage space. Discounts on Long-term Car Rental in Rwanda. Rent a Toyota RAV4.

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    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

    Prado Land Cruiser for Hire in Rwanda at the most affordable price, comfortable 4×4 with a pop-up roof, available for self-drive in Rwanda, and can handle rough terrains. You can rent this vehicle.

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    Self-drive safaris to Uganda

    Self-Drive 4×4 Car hire in Uganda is a trend of flexible individual travel to East African countries. Self-drive safaris are also cost-effective measures for budget Safaris and car hire travelers to Uganda. Whether you’re planning a self-drive safari holiday for Gorilla Trekking in Mgahinga or Bwindi National Park, a business self-drive trip, or whatever your car rental in Uganda and Rwanda may be. A self-drive car rental tour is the ultimate and flexible way to discover the pearl of Africa at your own pace with you behind the wheel and at the best rates from Crystal Car Hire. We are flexible for cross-border Safaris especially when you find it cheap and adventurous to tour another destination. Kigali and Kigali international airport acts as a close center to access the southwestern part of Uganda which is an ideal region for wildlife adventure holidays in Uganda. Book a car now from Kigali and drive to Uganda.

    Car Rental Rwanda with a Driver

    Cheap Car Rental Rwanda Choose between renting an affordable car in Rwanda with a professional driver or on a self-drive trip. The self-drive option is not only the cheaper option but also gives you all the time, privacy, and freedom you need. On the other hand, the services of a driver ensure doing all the handy work like replacing a tire or fixing a mechanical problem so that you can have a relaxed and hustle-free drive around Kigali. Whatever your choice is, we are ready to give the best service worth your budget and personal needs. Our driver-guides spare you the stress of navigating roads that are no small luxury and well worth the very reasonable flat price of $30/day. This price is comprehensive and includes all expenses.

    Looking for a cheap car rental for your self-drive vacation?

    Make planning your self-drive trip easy and affordable, do not stress over car rental rates. Whether you are looking for a self-drive car hire or with a chauffeur, we have the right cars at affordable rates. Great Car rentals that have been used by our past clients include Toyota RAV4, Toyota Prado, Land Cruisers, and Custom Safari Vehicles. We have been in the Car hire service for a while and we are growing throughout the East African region. Whether you are looking for a business trip in Rwanda or a safari in Rwanda or in Uganda’s national parks, like the hilly plains of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest you do not have to worry about the car rental rates being high, we have the cheapest car rentals. Our car rental fleet includes all the vehicles you need ranging from small saloon car rentals to Car Rental vans carrying over 25 passengers.

    Mountain Gorilla Trekking

    Volcanoes National Park, part of Virungas has the highest population of mountain gorillas standing at 604 in 2016 after the latest census was released in 2018. This is 60% of the world’s population of endangered mountain Gorillas in the wild, with 12 families habituated.

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    Rwanda Wildlife - Akagera

    Although most visitors will come to Rwanda exclusively to trek with mountain gorillas and this was historically the best and only tourist attraction in Rwanda this has changed a lot since the reintroduction of the Big Five in Akagera and the conservation efforts to protect the wildlife.

    Primates Rwanda & Uganda.

    These primate safaris go on all year round. These include gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, and golden monkey trekking. More primates like white and black colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, and grey checked mangabeys, red colobus monkeys among others.

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    Crystal Car Hire | Self-Drive Car Hire.

    Planning on traveling far from the busy world and getting the very best out of your Self-drive car rental discovery journey in Rwanda and Uganda? Get inspired and lost in the unspoiled nature, and lush green beauty of an unforgettable safari through these beautiful lands. Crystal Car Hire Prides itself on offering the best car rental services, Travel Advise, and Quality Camping Safaris for an inspirational and unforgettable journey. Crystal car hire Rwanda now offers cheap, yet reliable self-drive or chauffeur options. The Rental cars can be picked up at the Kigali airport or we can drop them to your Hotel within Kigali or simply make a request for us to drop them to a destination of your choice within or outside Rwanda. We customize your car request to your travel style. Include extras like child seats, GPS, car insurance options, and more when you rent a car with us.

    Crystal Car Hire - Premium Car Rentals in Rwanda and Self drive, Rwanda Switching to Electric Cars
    Driving in Rwanda

    Planning to travel and drive in Rwanda, you should be well-prepared as different countries have various laws and traffic rules. Learn about the requirements for a driver’s license before you leave your home country, auto insurance, road rules, and permits. You must be sure that your Driving Permit will be valid in the country/countries which you are going to visit.

    Before you leave your country, ask your insurance company if you are covered for driving abroad. In most countries, it is compulsory to have car insurance; you should know what type of insurance or level of coverage is required by the country’s traffic rules.

    If you are going to travel by your own car, learn the vehicle requirements and equipment you will need. Now, in most countries, it is required to have in the car a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, reflective vest, and insurance certificates. and so on.

    Traffic moves on the right side of the road.

    The minimum driving age is 18 years in categories A and B and 20 years in categories C, D, E, and F.

    Drunk drivers are fined and jailed for 24 hours. The legal blood alcohol level is 0.08%. Random breath testing by police is legal.

    Helmet use is compulsory for motorcyclists.

    To wear seat belts are required for all car occupants.

    Vehicles already in a traffic circle have the right-of-way.

    Third-party insurance is required.

    The speed limit in towns is 40 km/h (25 mph) and in provinces is 60 km/h (37 mph).

    Using cell phones while driving is prohibited, unless phones are equipped with a hands-free kit.

    The police phone number is 112.

    An International driving permit is acceptable and can be used for one year for driving in Rwanda. After that term, a foreigner should apply for a Rwandan driver’s license.

    Police may stop any vehicle and search the car and luggage.

    While driving, it is required to have a driver’s license /International driving permit, vehicle registration documents, and car insurance certificates.

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