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Nissan Patrol Hire in Rwanda

Long-term car rental with Crystal car hire

Crystal car hire now offering  you annual and monthly car rentals to allow you save by renting a car for longer periods.

Unlike ordinary car rentals, often used for trips, weekends, or more specific occasions, the purpose of annual or monthly car rentals is a little different. This is a service designed for people in Rwanda on a long holiday or those who work in Rwanda and car for their daily life.

How does long-term rental work?

The annual or monthly car rental is very similar to a short term rental, but for a longer duration. If you have rented a car before, whether it’s for a long vacation or a weekend getaway, you already know a lot about what is involved.

The biggest advantage is that if you keep the car for a longer period of time, Crystal car hire Rwanda offers a very good discount on the rental rate. Generally, it is progressive, so the longer the contracted period, the more you save.

The discount will vary depending on the car category and period of the rental. That can be one, two, or three month or even a year or more. Everything is very flexible so that you find an offer that is convenient for you.

With the monthly car rental,  you can keep the car from one to several months, and renew the contract according to your needs. If you want to return the car ahead of time, that’s fine too! As long as the minimum number of rental days in the contract has passed.

There are so many advantages to renting a car per month or year, so we put together a list.

Is long-term rental an option for me?

The annual or monthly car rental is for those who not feel the need to have a car in their name. With the rise of the collaborative economy, health and safety reasons and services that seek to share experiences and even goods, this is a trend to be closely followed in the coming years. If you always like to have a new car and change it quite often (every year, for example), this service can also work very well for you! This is because the expenses and depreciation of the car are often much higher than the monthly rent.

And there’s more: renting instead of buying has an advantage that often stays hidden. Buying a car means that your money stays immobile for a while, even if you decide to resell it after a period. When you rent, the money you spend on the purchase can continue to be invested. It’s worth doing the math and to review your investments and financial situation.

What are the advantages of annual and monthly car rental?

There are so many advantages to renting a car per month or year, so we put together a list.


One of the main advantages of renting a car for a longer period of time is without a doubt the price. In many cases, renting a car for a month is cheaper than having your own car. Besides being cheaper than having a car, it can also be cheaper than renting a car for short periods. This is because if a person already plans to rent for a slightly longer period of three weeks, for example, renting a car per month can compensate precisely for the reduction in the rate we mentioned above. If the dates fit your plans, that’s a good idea!

Zero bureaucracy

When you rent a car from a rental company,  they remain responsible for all the bureaucracy involved in having a car: documentation, insurance, maintenance, taxes, among others. This means that the car stays with you, as if it were yours on a daily basis, but without the worry of revising or renewing documentation.


The rental companies that rent monthly allow you to return the car whenever you want. If you need the car longer, that’s no problem either: the rental can be extended for as long as necessary. If you want to return it earlier, just pay attention to the minimum period: the cheapest monthly rate is generally valid for rentals of 28 days or more. As already mentioned above, if you need to return the car earlier, the rate charged will be the same as for a “regular” rental according to the value of the rental on the day the contract is issued.

What you need to rent a car with Crystal car hire

Renting a car with Crystal car hire Rwanda is very simple, bellow is a list of  what you need to rent a car with Crystal car hire Rwanda, and things you need to pay attention to in order to have a good car rental experience.

1. Valid Driver’s license and other documents

If you are not a Rwandan and you’re renting a car with us: you need a valid driver’s license held for two or more years and a valid passport.

Please note that crystal car hire will usually ask that the name on the driver’s license and other documents such as the passport be the same.

2. Car rental age requirements

As you can imagine, there’s a minimum age to rent a car: 18 years. It is not possible to rent a car if you’re under 18.

3. Payment Confirmation

Before renting a car with us, we will require you to make a deposit or full payment. We will charge your credit card or you could pay cash while picking up you rental car.

That’s it! That’s everything you need to rent a car. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Car rental pick up and drop off

Car rental pick up and drop off

Car rental pickup and drop off  with crystal car hire Rwanda has been made easy, bellow are some of the thins you need to know  and pay attention to in order to have the best Rwanda car rental experience.

If you have rented  rented a car with us before or not, the pick up and drop off can be quite tricky sometimes. There are, of course, some items to pay close attention to so your rental experience is nothing but positive.

Here’s a list of what you have to know before picking up and dropping off the rental car. Keep an eye on these and have a nice trip!

Car rental pick up and drop offWhen picking up your rental car

1. Confirmation Email

Your rental confirmation with us is usually by email, After you’ve confirmed your car rental date, time and price, the first thing to pay attention to is the reservation confirmation. This is where you’ll find the most important information about the booking, including date and time of pick up and drop off.

The crystal car hire Rwanda website also contains general rules and information about car rental, which are usually applied by most car rental companies in Rwanda. Many of the most common car rental questions are answered there, so we recommend reading it in advance.

2. Documentation

It is super important that you have all the required documents with you at the time of pick up, as this can prevent the car rental company from letting you sign the rental agreement and possibly ruin your travel plans (and we don’t want that, right?).

It’s also important to pay special attention if you’re renting a car abroad, as different countries may have different rules.

Generally speaking, if you’re American and are renting inside the United States, you need:

  • A valid driver’s license held for two or more years;
  • Proof of identity (ID, passport etc.);
  • A deposit or full payment before the trip.

3. Car rental agreement

It is also at the moment of pick up that the car rental agreement is signed. This agreement specifies the terms and conditions of your rental, so it’s good not to rush and read it carefully.

There you’ll see, for example, what happens if you get a ticket for parking irregularly, or if the rental car is involved in any car accident, what the insurance covers and more. You can see how this document is important, right?

So pay attention while reading it and, if you have any questions, ask the crystal car hire agent.

4. Security deposit

One of the most common car rental questions is about the security deposit. This is nothing more than a sum of money held by the car rental company for their own safety, just in case anything happens for the duration of your reservation.

But you don’t have to worry, Crystal car hire will not require this. The car rental security deposit is not required, but we will trust you to return the car in the same conditions as you picked it up.

5. Car inspection

Crystal Car hire will always strive to make sure the car is in perfect condition, however it’s always good to check the rental car very carefully before leaving the car park. This is important as any scratches and dents may be charged on you if you don’t have proof that you were not responsible for them.

If you notice anything unusual about the car, make sure to take photos. If there are any serious issues, ask the staff to also check the damage before leaving for your trip.

When dropping off your rental car

1. Fuel tank

We usually do not fill up the tank, but Depending on your reservation, you will need to pay attention to the fuel level at the time of pickup. ensure to return the car with the same amount of fuel.

2. Car inspection

Just like you need to check the conditions of the car before leaving the car park, crystal car hire will need to be sure that the car is returned in the same conditions, with no extra dents or scratches.

You also need to return the car reasonably clean. Especially if you have kids or pets, it’s important to make sure that the car seats and floor are clear of dirt, fur, trash and everything else.

Ready for the pick up and drop off ? Simply contact us or send a whatsapp chat.

Rwanda Self Drive

Handy Tips to Protect Your Rental Car

While in Rwanda with a rented car, the primary and most crucial step is to protect your car from any damage or theft. If you rent a car with crystal car hire, We have a large fleet of cars available for rent, depending on your budget and purpose of renting the car. It is is important to have a checklist of everything the car rental comes with.  At Crystal car hire, we have comprehensive car rental insurance, but also it is very key that you keep the car in the same condition. Here are some handy tips to protect your rental car.

Keep The Car Locked

It is always essential to double-check if you have locked the car behind you. Locking up your rental vehicle will always ensure the total security of your car. If anyone tries to break open the door of your car, the vehicle alarm will alert you, and it will instantly stop the thief from stealing your rented car.

Park Securely

When you have rented a car, the safety of the vehicle becomes your priority. Hence you should park your car under a surveillance camera or CCTV to avoid theft. The rental car should be parked in a secure place like inside the Hotel premises or residence compound to prevent car damage due to negligence. Avoid parking your car in the dark or unlit areas where it is easy for the thief to act.

Avoid Leaving Valuables in the Car

Having your valuables left behind in the car is the most common mistake people often make. When you have valuables in your vehicle, you certainly have given an open invitation to the thief to visit your rented vehicle. Hence make sure that you have absolutely nothing left behind in the car, even if it is of the lowest value, to avoid vehicle theft.

Whether you own the automobile or have rented it, it is critical to ensure that you are covered by insurance so that you do not have to worry.

Use Steering Locks

The device is one of the visible theft-deterrent systems that helps immobilize the steering wheel. Using this device reduces the risk of the car being stolen from its place. Equip your rented vehicle with a reliable and robust car steering wheel lock today and help decrease secure car theft. The steering wheel often gets auto-locked if anyone tries to move the vehicle without the key in the ignition. Please see that you have your device in place to ensure safety.

Rwanda Self drive car hire

Why Rent a car with Crystal car hire

Crystal car hire Rwanda has been considered the best car rental company in Rwanda for so long, We are the most searched for Car rental option. In fact, renting a car with us has become an integral part of the locals and international travelers as the local transport are not well-connected.  Most of the time our cars are rented for holidays, work transport, or for monthly leasing. Before renting a car elsewhere, it is important that you know more about crystal car hire. Here are a few qualities crystal car hire possess and remains unrivalled.

Cost-Effective Rentals

This is the most important factor for any customer to finalize renting a car. Anyone would love to pay less and save the cost. Customers always look at the best packages and budget-friendly car services for which they compare with two or more competitors and go with the one offering the best deal with a variety of cars.

No Hidden Charges

At Crystal car hire, we mastered that being transparent in your business will help you gain the trust of the consumer and hence more sales. No one likes to know about additional charges which were not mentioned on the website, this makes the customer feel wary and unsure about your rental company. It is a must to mention all your security deposit, insurance, late charges, etc. beforehand and it should not be a surprise.

Customer Service

Crystal car hire and rental company will offer you post-sale service in case you need roadside assistance or any solutions in regard to cars, We will have included in the package. Even when you are trying to rent a car, We will provide you with the best car as per your need. Good customer service is a sign that we understand our business well.

Discounts and Offers

like any other good company, Crystal car hire will always have great deals and offers on special occasions and for returning customers. This helps build good relations with the customer. Special deals are created from time to time. You may keep checking with us for an ongoing deal before renting a car.

Rwanda car hire

How to save on excessive Fuel consumption

As fuel prices continue to soar high, road users are concerned about petrol or diesel engine utilisation. An increase in gas and fuel prices is causing a lot of withdrawal in terms of expenditures. At Crystal car hire, we are aware that driving is about comfort and luxury. However, with the fuel prices fluctuating in the market, we believe our clients should learn from this  .

Constant Speed

One of the most simple and effective ways to increase gas and fuel mileage is maintaining a constant speed while driving. The ideal speed option would be between 55-65 mph (approximately 55-65 mpg) to increase fuel efficiency. You spend 40% more fuel if you drive 80 mph instead of 70 mph. Save gasoline by being persistent to the cause.

Accelerate Slowly

Often aggressive driving where one accelerates a lot without switching gears can reduce the mileage by thirty per cent. These can cause you not only excessive fuel but also ruins your car. Therefore, be aggressive in saving fuel rather than on your accelerator.

Utilization of Air Conditioners

It sure is fun to blast your air conditioner in the car but is it worth it? AC cools you off in the summers; however, using air conditioning at full blast results in more energy consumption than usual. During long trips, when the weather is pleasant, it is best to avoid using air conditioners.

Engine Load

The car’s drag increases when the tires are low in the air, and the car weighs a lot or if you have installed roof racks. This results in the motor requiring more power to drive the vehicle, causing the vehicle to consume a greater amount of fuel. The tire pressure monitoring device can save the engine from unnecessary strain. Furthermore, avoid using or installing a roof rack because it can add weight to the load.

Don’t Drive Unless Needed

Fuel consumption can be reduced by driving fewer miles. Using your car should be limited to the bare minimum. If the distance is only a few blocks, you might consider walking. Exercising is essential not only for saving money at the pumps but also for keeping your body healthy.

Excessive Idling Is a Big No-No

Waiting in the car with the engine ion, having an idle conversation or just going to a drive-in restaurant, make sure to switch off your engine.

Regular Maintenance

It is vital to adjust the oil fast and check the engine properly. Make sure your engine is maintained, and you give your car for servicing at a regular interval. The quality of the oil used for your engine makes a difference too.

Rwanda car hire

Mistakes to Avoid When Driving in Rwanda at Night

Driving in Rwanda at night increases the risks of possible accidents due to the road terrain. Whether a national highway, cross country, interior route, city roads, countryside, etc., multiple risks are involved considering factors like speed, light, weather, etc. Although Rwanda is well lit in the night, it does not rule out the possible risks while driving at night. The factors such as bad climate, weak visibility and fatigue can increase the risk in Kigali city where the traffic or movement is very much alive even during the night. The number of traffic-related fatalities at night is three times higher. It’s only fair to discuss these incidents and understand where it roots from and how they can be avoided. While driving, you are prone to make minor mistakes, but the most commonly committed mistakes that can be fatal include the following.


Most Roads in Rwanda have a speed Limit between 20, 60 and 80 depending on the terrain, The driving speed at night is often excessive because the traffic is comparatively low; however, one cannot predict the sudden occurrence of a sticky situation where someone may run across the road or try crossing hastily. This is one of the factors that cause a driver to apply a sudden brake or swerve, which may result in accidents. You may not be able to observe animals crossing the street at high speeds outside of the town. It’s always advisable to drive at a reasonable pace while keeping an eye on the road and abiding by the law.

Phone Distractions

Often drivers who are driving at night are at ease since they have this mentality that the roads are mostly empty; therefore, they speed up and utilize their mobile phones and gadgets, which can be a major distraction and can be fatal.


It is common for worn-out drivers to sit behind the wheel in their automobiles when they are worn out. It would help if you got out of your automobile every time you felt drained, no matter how experienced a driver you are.

Misuse of Beams

An experienced driver often struggles with switching between dim and vivid beams, and a midnight driver must remain vigilant. Headlights should be adjusted correctly for height and direction to keep away from blinding other drivers. Use your high beams in a region with low visibility to see oncoming cars and moving vehicles on the road without overwhelming them.

Drinking and Driving

In Rwanda, it is a traffic offence to drink and drive. It is a crime from the standpoint of both the law and is one of the major reasons for causing accidents. Even though alcohol doesn’t affect you directly, alcohol prolongs reactions, motions, and response times.

You can still safely Rent a car during the Pandemic

We are living in a different world now due to the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions and SOPs have been declared mandatory by government of Rwanda, we are spending most of our time at home.

There are also restrictions in the travel industry. The flights are cancelled and people who need to travel are searching for the safest possible options. If you needed to travel during the pandemic, you may have wondered whether car rental is an option or not.

Many people do believe that renting a car is only an option if you are going to pick-up the car at the airport. On the contrary, most of the major car rental companies such as Hertz, Enterprise, AVIS, Budget or SIXT have offices in the downtown areas as well and we have great news for you if you need to travel soon.

Yes, you can rent a car during the pandemic and can pick-up your car without having to go to the airport.
As Crystal car rental, we are committed to safe car rental option and we are offering major car rental discounts. Although there is lockdown in some districts of Rwanda, you can still find our office fully operating during the pandemic.


Crystal Car Hire mainly refers to renting a vehicle for the time you will be in Rwanda. If you plan on spending a long time in Rwanda, like a month or more, you could opt for long term car going to be in Rwanda for a long term car hire instead of buying a new car. All your car rental needs can be covered in this Crystal Car Hire service whether long personal hire or family holidays, business, medical or research projects, Crystal Car Hire is the best deal for you to achieve efficient but cheap transport services while on your holiday in Rwanda. 1000hills car rentals has a huge fleet of cars which includes saloon cars like RAV4, large SUVs like land cruisers, trucks, buses You will be able to choose a car of your choice. Crystal Car Hire is offered alongside other services like Rwanda self drive and Chauffeur hire for those who don’t like to drive while on a holiday or foreign country. Here are some of the facts as to why you should opt for Crystal Car Hire while on your visit in Rwanda.



Crystal Car Hire is way cheaper than buying a new car and it is cost-effective because most expenses are minimized.  Most of the cars come with unlimited mileage and all you have to do is fuel the car according to your movements. You do not have to worry about any other car expenses because things like insurance, tax, driver and fixing any damages are taken care of by 10000 car rentals. For visitors who plan on staying for long, opt for long term car hire because it comes with a discount.


Every traveller or tourist would love to be comfortable while on their visit or safari or be it a business trip. With Crystal Car Hire, you will be able to achieve this comfort whether on drive self car rental option or car rental with driver guide. Public means sometimes come with a lot of congestion so get rid of all these risks by opting for a long term car rental service in Rwanda where you will achieve the highest level of comfort in your vehicle for the rental period.


Crystal Car Hire is very convenient as the car is always ready and available whenever you need. The time of your ar rental arrival or query for the car rental does not matter, our team is always at your service 24-7. For the whole signed period of the contract, the car is fully yours to enjoy transportation from one place to another.

For your Rwanda car hire needs, email us on info@crystalcarhire.com  and get more information about your booking.

Car hire Rwanda

Karongi Islands And Peninsulas Of Lake Kivu

Anyone who has never a safari to Rwanda might never imagine or think that spectacular Islands exist in the country but once you explore the Karongi Islands of Lake Kivu, you will believe that this country is indeed blessed beyond imagination. An island is a piece of land surrounded by a body of water and for Karongi in Gisenyi, there are 16 islands in total but there are only 6 popular and larger ones while the rest and smaller and less important.

Therefore, the most spectacular and popular of the Karongi Islands and Peninsulas include;

  • Amahoro Island

This privately-owned island is surrounded by numerous Islands and is currently being transformed into a wonderful tourist destination with several Campsites for tourists interested in outdoor camping while surrounded by nothing but nature. Visitors to this Island also have the chance of enjoying other activities such as swimming, fishing, bird watching, boat rides and adventurous water sports like kayaking. There is a bar and a restaurant within Amahoro Island, hence allowing visitors to relax and refresh when they visit the site.

  • Mpembe Peninsula footpath

This Peninsula is privately owned and can be easily reached with a boat from Kibuye but offers whole 4 kilometres long nature walk that allows tourists to explore some of the bird species found in the area. There are also several Camping facilities within the area and there is nothing as mind-blowing as sleeping and being woken by the beautiful sounds of the singing birds, which can only be achieved by visit the Mpembe Peninsula footpath.

  • Mpembe Island

This Island is found near the Mpembe Peninsula and the two sites are connected to each other by a bridge but is easily reached by boat ride from Kibuye, hence rewarding tourists with the opportunity of relishing the magnificent views of the vast Lake Kivu and the whole island.

  • Napoleon or Munini Island

Napoleon Island derives its name from its shape that looks like Napoleon’s hat and is renowned for being a home to a colony of fruit bats in addition to a wide range of bird species.

  • Nyakarwa Peninsula

This small Peninsula is also found within Lake Kivu and is home to several bird species making it a wonderful birding spot. For tourists interested in enjoying an exciting birding experience in a less tiring environment can stop by Nyakarwa Peninsula and participants start the activity from the western province of Bwishura sector.

  • Kibuye footpath

Kibuye footpath is presently being developed into a spectacular tourist site within Kibuye district and offers a number of adventurous activities such as bird watching, lakeside walking and relaxation, camping and picnics with barbeque facilities.

In conclusion, you cannot allow exhaustion and boredom to ruin your memorable safari experience in Rwanda when you can explore one or more of Karongi Islands and Peninsulas in Lake Kivu where activities such as swimming, bird watching and lazy nature walks can be enjoyed. A visit to these islands can suppliment gorilla tracking adventure in Rwanda.