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Ways to Find Discounts When hiring a vehicle in Rwanda

Ways to Find Discounts When hiring a vehicle in Rwanda

There are several reasons for hiring a car in Rwanda, you may need it in case yours has broken down or you may need it for a road trip. Here are ways to find discounts when hiring a vehicle in Rwanda.

Whatever the reason may be for hiring a car, there is a need to find the ideal rental vehicle at the right rate. The next thing you must be thinking, how do I find a discount on car hire in Rwanda?

There are many channels for finding the right car rental package and there is no divine way or trick to get a discount, a number of points and factors have to be considered.

First of all, compare rates from different car rental dealers in Rwanda. There are several car rental websites of different operators. Get to the internet browse through where you can check the rates per car from compact to big cars. This offers you a real image of what you are paying for and which company offers the best rates. Even if the rates are shown on the websites, inquire from the operator to know the term and conditions of the car rental package. The conditions or the price may include or exclude comprehensive insurance, pickup, and drop-off fees which these items are so important when making a decision to reserve a car rental. You know at times what may seem cheap may turn expensive due to the extra hidden costs that are added when making the final payment.

The only issue with comparison you may find that other car rental websites do not have the specific cars you wish to rent for your travel. Therefore, you need to type the right keyword in the google search engine to bring up the exact operators that would offer the kind of transport services you may need at the time. For example, if you want a car for a self-drive safari, simply type in “self drive Rwanda”, a thread of websites offering the exact services will be displayed on the page, and hence look at them and compare.

The other channel to find a discount car rental from car hiring companies in Rwanda is signing up for their newsletters on their websites. This is a very rare trick that most people do not know about but it works perfectly well. Endure receiving the nagging frequent emails that come in from time to time however, sometimes they come with some goodies. The new letters are one of the channels used by companies to spread out information, updates, and promotions. Therefore, be on the alert, you may land on a promotional email or feed in which the car hire operator is offering discounts on their cars thus seizing the opportunity.

Lastly, some car rental companies release discount vouchers and coupons that are available on the different popular booking sites such as trip advisor, kayak, Expedia, and It is wise to keep checking on these platforms to see whether any car rental operator has issued the discount coupons.

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