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Toyota coaster Bus

Toyota Coaster Bus

The Toyota coaster bus is available and suitable for chauffeur Car Rental basis and does group tours, Features AC, seats over 30 pax comfortably, great interior and with enough luggage space.

The Toyota coaster bus rentals is suited for group travellers and will seat over 30 passengers comfortably. The Coaster has got 5-speed manual transmission, comfortable seats and seat belts for passenger safety.

Toyota Omni bus/Coaster also has a high degree of competence, premium quality, excellent economy and the highest standards of safety suitable for group tours with enough luggage space and Full-time 4Wheel for hire around and out of Kigali. To Book this coaster from our Rwanda car rental fleet.

Equipped with the best resources, our fleet of cars are always ready to offer services to our clients. Although our fleet is really extensive; all our cars are well maintained and we keep on looking for way on how to upgrade and keep them with the latest trends in the industry. Each car is equipped with all the amenities that a basic car has in place. Whether you are looking for a 4×4 toyota super custom, 4×4 toyota extended safari land cruiser, 4×4 toyota rav 4, Range Rover sport cars and all other luxury cars that are common in East Africa.

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