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Top Tips for Driving on the Right

Seeing as nearly 70% of the world drives on the right-hand side of the road, there’s a good chance you will be too when you holiday abroad.

Top Car hire Destinations in Rwanda

One of the best ways to explore and see the sights of your holiday destination is to jump in the car and head there for the day.

Why Rwanda is the next luxury travel hotspot

Over 20 years on from the devastating genocide, pockets of Rwanda

Female Moto Drivers of kigali

Getting around in the Rwandan capital Kigali is best done by “moto” – or motorcycle

Children Friendly Destinations In Rwanda

Children are a group of people who are always put aside in many aspects…

Know your Fuel Policies

There are so many things to think about when you hire a car; have I purchased the right insurance cover,do I need to add an additional driver…

Five Main Mistakes Done During Car Hire

The car hire procedure is an interesting one if you work with a competent company while to others it is stressing because of different reasons

Coverage Options

Crystal Car Hire offers drivers additional coverage options for a price. If you buy their coverage, you can minimize your liability while driving the rental car

Five Top Things To Look For In A Driver

It is always a good idea to hire a professional driver for your trip but since he entirely holds the car steering to take you to different destinations

Useful Information about hiring a Car While Travelling

Car hiring is no longer complicated while travelling. You can hiring a car immediately after reaching the airport, all you need to do ..

Why Consider Cheap Car Hire for Long Term?

Cheap car hire in Kigali can give you a number of rewards whether you are going for holidays in Rwanda for a few days or even for a long…

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Land Cruiser For Self Drive

The Toyota Land cruiser is a product of the Japanese car manufacturing company commonly known as Toyota;

What to Avoid When Renting a Car to Help You Save Money

To some people car renting is regarded to be very expensive…

What to Do If Your Rental Car Breaks Down

Car rental gives you the freedom to travel where…

Car hire in Rwanda

Thousands of people choose to hire cars while travelling in Rwanda because of the benefits one gets…

Tips to Finding Good Car Rentals

Are you planning for a family holiday, business meeting…

Ways to get in and out of Kigali international airport in Rwanda

Kigali international is the main hub of air transport in Rwanda…

What Makes cars 4 hire the Best Car Rental Company

The rise of self drive Car rentals in Rwanda has…