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You can still safely Rent a car during the Pandemic

We are living in a different world now due to the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions and SOPs have been declared


Crystal Car Hire mainly refers to renting a vehicle for the time you will be in Rwanda. If you plan on spending a long time in Rwanda, like a month or more, you could opt for long term car going to be in Rwanda for a long term car hire instead of buying a new …

Karongi Islands And Peninsulas Of Lake Kivu

Anyone who has never a safari to Rwanda might never imagine or think that spectacular Islands exist in the country but once you explore the Karongi Islands of Lake Kivu, you will believe that this country is indeed blessed beyond imagination. An island is a piece of land surrounded by a body of water and for Karongi in …

Car Rental Parking List for Pregnant women

If you are pregnant and you are planning to have a vacation before delivering, there is a need for you to consider certain items in your packing list to ensure that you have the most comfortable and convenient safari in any of the destinations of your choice. To be on the safer side, you will …

Tourism and its Role in Society

Whereas economists are left to think that poverty alleviation is dependent on the person’s income and finances, certain extent the latter isn’t true. Increase in productivity and income alone won’t contribute to poverty reduction but to allow individuals to have a wide sense of well being and avenues to express and make their own choices …

Top Performing Vehicles to hire for a self-drive in Rwanda

As the tourism trend continues to be something that almost all people would love to spend on more, whether domestic tourists or international tourists, they are all longing for longer safaris with more independence, flexibility and convenience yet on tighter budgets. Trying to cut the costs, most travellers have opted for self-drive safaris avoiding the …

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)

UPDATE: The new CHOGM date agreed with member countries will be the week of 21 June 2021. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) is to take place in Kigali, Rwanda on 22 – 27 June 2020. Crystal car hire through the mother company Gorilla adventure tours has designed discounted packages …

Best Way To Reach Mountain Gorillas

The main roads to the gorilla tracking regions of Uganda and Rwanda are generally good which are secondary roads. However they are often slow and bumpy, especially approaching Uganda’s gorilla parks.

Ways To Lower Rental Car Costs In Rwanda

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure holiday in Rwanda, you can always lower the car rental costs if you plan and research well. Rates will depend on the agency you are booking with car type and number of rental days.

My Bucket List of Things to Do in Rwanda

Rwanda-the “Land of a Thousand Hills” is one of the great African safari destinations that everyone would love to visit. Many people have the zeal to explore Rwanda due to its astounding tourists features. The country is blessed with a diversity of…

luxury car rental in Rwanda

When you visit Rwanda for your next vacation, you’ll want to travel in style. Crystal car hire has now added to its fleet a collection of Luxury cars for hire . Whether you’re visiting for a quiet getaway or seeking an intense, off-road trek, our vehicles can help you make the most out of your …

Sanitised Car Hire – WHO COVID-19 Guidelines

We understand that whilst the excitement of a summer holiday is back on the radar after many countries have eased lockdown measures, many planning a summer getaway this year are nervous about how it might be different from before.

Renting a car during COVID pandemic

One of the three C’s we need to avoid in order to prevent contracting the new coronavirus is “closed spaces”. How safe is it to rent a car these days? Following a number of countries easing their lockdown rules and getting almost back to ‘normal’, DiscoverCars.com surveyed almost 400 car rental providers to find out …

Renting a car in Rwanda for the first time

Renting a car in Rwanda for the first time can sound bit tricky  but there is nothing to worry about when you land on Crystal car hire Rwanda. We have put together the answers to the possible questions you may have while thinking of renting a car in Rwanda for the first time. We would …

Luxury places to stay in Rwanda.

Rwanda car hire and self drive car rentals can arrange perfectly places to spend a night or two or more on a whole journey through Rwanda. Whether you opt to sleep under the stars with our cars with roof tents and quality camping gear. Opt to sleep in budget tented camps or opt to spoil yourself …

Self Drive in Akagera National Park in Rwanda.

Rwanda the commonly known “Land of a thousand hills” has developed rapidly.Rwanda has not developed only for the case Tourism sector or even infrastructures, but now in Rwanda you can hire a car for your own to all the destinations you would wish too. The bookings can be done online just as many tourists find …

Transfer from Kigali Airport

Crystal Car Hire offers you any car from Kigali Airport to your destination. This comes along with  different prices attached. These may include private luxury cars as well as Airport Shuttle services.  Our clients have been provided choices of either to hire a car with a driver or for self driving. For self driving you must …

Self Drive in Volcanoes National Park 2020

In this year of 2020, are you planning for a trip in Rwanda?  Traveling to Volcanoes National Park is the best way to go. Initially, Volcanoes National Park was called Parc National des Volcans. Volcanoes National Park was at first gazetted to protect the mountain Gorillas from poachers. It was after the civil war in …

Rwanda Motorbike Tour

Chimpanzee Safari on a Motorbike Tour around Rwanda Crystal car Rentals now introduces the Rwanda Motorbike Tour, Experience a whole new style of traversing the thousand hills of Rwanda on a thrilling adventure and see how far you can go on a motorcycle tour unlike any other. Visit and tour Rwanda from a different viewpoint …

Difference between Gorilla Trekking and Gorilla tracking

Gorilla tracking Gorilla tracking is done by expert ranger guides, park staff and researchers. This involves tracking down specific Gorilla families and finding them based on their last known location, where they spent the night, and their feeding area. The Gorilla trackers do this for different reasons, for instance, the researchers do the tracking for …

5 Days Congo Nile Trail with Crystal car hire

5 Days Congo Nile Trail Hike with Crystal car hire is an outdoor adventure safari of a lifetime and recommended for everyone who visits Rwanda. Expect to discover a whole lot about Rwanda and its history as you enjoy the various unique attractions all along the way. This custom tour is designed for those who …

Border Crossing with Crystal Car hire

Renting a car in Rwanda with intentions of crossing the borders to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania or Congo while on Self Drive is no big hassle with Crystal car rentals . Enjoy a Self Drive Voyage during the Expedition Holiday while we take care of whatever you need to cross. If you prefer to hire 1 …

Driving with kids – packing List

Taking a road trip with kids on board cant be hectic if not well planned for. Crystal car hire highlights a road trip packing list designed to help see you through a fun trip with the Kids. The packing list contains all major items that make your journey easier and road-tripping with kids more enjoyable. …

Should i always use the GPS in my car rental?

With the adoption of technology in our day to day lives, the GPS is very important especially when you are visiting a country or safari destination for the first time.

Why Consider Land Cruiser Models For Rwanda self drive

There are several rental cars ideal for a safari in Rwanda or any where in Africa but only a few can match the Land Cruiser models

How to stay alert on the road

Driving while tired can be extremely dangerous as it only takes one second of drifting off and poor concentration to cause a fatal accident. If you feel sleepy or tired, don’t drive. Trying to stay alert on the road when you are driving long distances, especially at night can be risky. Crystal car hire has …

How to hold a steering wheel while on a Rwanda self drive

While you plan to go for a Rwanda safari, you might opt for Rwanda self drive as your car rental option and…

Self drive Holidays in Rwanda

Self drive Holidays in Rwanda is one of the most enjoyable and self-satisfying adventures anyone can do on a holiday

Car hire destinations for children in Rwanda

Destinations for children in Rwanda a quite a number because of its various attractions like wildlife in Akagera …

Long term car hire vs public transport

Long term car hire vs public transport blog post gives you insight on the benefits of Long term car hire…

Kigali International Airport

Crystal car hire brings you tips about getting around Kigali International airport which is Rwanda’s international and only airport located in its capital Kigali.

International Driving Permit

An International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is an official document that validates your driving licence in other countries. For validation of your IDP, you need to have

Driving safely in heavy rain

It is perfect if we can remain at home, have some espresso while enjoying the rain. But in a few circumstances that you truly need to go out, these advise may give a safe drive in heavy rain.

Self Drive Vs Chauffeur Hire

Wedding cars play a big role in making awesome entrances to any party nothing matches the pleasure of being driven by a professional chauffeur in the comfort of a stylish

GPS for Rwanda self drive

GPS for Rwanda self drive is more relaxing and comfortable. Driving a car in unfamiliar destinations can be stressful but with Access Car Rentals, the trip

Top Tips for Driving on the Right

Seeing as nearly 70% of the world drives on the right-hand side of the road, there’s a good chance you will be too when you holiday abroad.

Top Car hire Destinations in Rwanda

One of the best ways to explore and see the sights of your holiday destination is to jump in the car and head there for the day.

Why Rwanda is the next luxury travel hotspot

Over 20 years on from the devastating genocide, pockets of Rwanda

Female Moto Drivers of kigali

Getting around in the Rwandan capital Kigali is best done by “moto” – or motorcycle

Children Friendly Destinations In Rwanda

Children are a group of people who are always put aside in many aspects…

Know your Fuel Policies

There are so many things to think about when you hire a car; have I purchased the right insurance cover,do I need to add an additional driver…

Five Main Mistakes Done During Car Hire

The car hire procedure is an interesting one if you work with a competent company while to others it is stressing because of different reasons

Coverage Options

Crystal Car Hire offers drivers additional coverage options for a price. If you buy their coverage, you can minimize your liability while driving the rental car

Five Top Things To Look For In A Driver

It is always a good idea to hire a professional driver for your trip but since he entirely holds the car steering to take you to different destinations

Useful Information about hiring a Car While Travelling

Car hiring is no longer complicated while travelling. You can hiring a car immediately after reaching the airport, all you need to do ..

Why Consider Cheap Car Hire for Long Term?

Cheap car hire in Kigali can give you a number of rewards whether you are going for holidays in Rwanda for a few days or even for a long…

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Land Cruiser For Self Drive

The Toyota Land cruiser is a product of the Japanese car manufacturing company commonly known as Toyota;

What to Avoid When Renting a Car to Help You Save Money

To some people car renting is regarded to be very expensive…

What to Do If Your Rental Car Breaks Down

Car rental gives you the freedom to travel where…

Car hire in Rwanda

Thousands of people choose to hire cars while travelling in Rwanda because of the benefits one gets…

Tips to Finding Good Car Rentals

Are you planning for a family holiday, business meeting…

Ways to get in and out of Kigali international airport in Rwanda

Kigali international is the main hub of air transport in Rwanda…

What Makes cars 4 hire the Best Car Rental Company

The rise of self drive Car rentals in Rwanda has…