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How to Explore Rwanda by Car

How to Explore Rwanda by Car

Due to the small size of Rwanda, exploring it by car is an amazing option to experience the country’s captivating natural attraction within a short period. This is where you get to know How to Explore Rwanda by Car.

When you consider the distance from one point in Rwanda to another, it is only about 400 kilometers. An expedition around Rwanda by vehicle is regarded by many as one of the simplest and most exciting road trip experiences one can ever take on.

So below are some tips on how to explore Rwanda by car.

If you are an adventurous and private kind of traveller, then a self-drive safari in Rwanda by car is a great option to explore the country. Since exploring Rwanda by vehicle is common and highly demanded, you will have to ensure that you reserve a rental car earlier before your travel dates. So, when you arrive at Kigali airport, you easily pick up the vehicle from the rental personnel and begin your trip.

When visiting Rwanda by car, you will have to acknowledge and put in mind that you will be driving on the right-hand side of the road. You have to adjust quickly not to get any problems. Nonetheless, most road intersections, signs, and radars in Rwanda are similar to the international ones and the road users in the country are somber and careful.

Renting a car in Rwanda offers the liberty of traveling and touring at your leisure. To the travellers’ advantage, there is a cluster of lodges and hotels to stay in while on a road trip, you have the flexibility of changing your itinerary without fearing of finding where to stay.

Having a smartphone at hand is condoned. While driving, you can use google maps to locate some of the remote places you are willing to see on your self-drive tour. A smartphone can also be used to find the best restaurants and lodges to stay in.

Rwanda has a great road network, most roads leading to the major tourist destinations are asphalt. It is only those few feeder roads that are gravel but a 4×4 rental car can easily challenge them and enable you to reach your destination smoothly.

The Rwanda speed limit is 60 kilometers per hour on the highways and 30 kilometers per hour in cities.  The country has such a low-speed limit because its terrain is mountainous and the road networks are dominated by so many sharp corners. It is very crucial to keep your speed in check while touring Rwanda by car so that you avoid accidents and unnecessary fines. The traffic camera and offices are on every corner around Rwanda to curb any road offenders.

Rwanda receives a chilly climate because it is located at a high altitude. Therefore, be aware of fog in the morning and at night. Always test the rental car’s battery and engine and idle the car before starting off your journey every morning.

You should book with a rental agency that offers unlimited mileage options when touring Rwanda by car. There are lots of interesting places to visit on a self-drive trip in Rwanda, but a car with limited kilometer coverage will restrict you from reaching and exploring the destinations on your bucket list.

Car hire companies in Rwanda provide an array of 4×4 vehicles at competitive rates, you are highly likely to get a great car rental deal especially when you book online. On the internet, there is room to compare the services and rates of different operators and then choose the best for your travel needs.

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