4x4 Budget Car Rentals - Self drive Safaris Rwanda

Looking for a cheap car rental for your self-drive or safari/ vacation? Make planning your self-drive trip easy and affordable, do not stress over car rental rates.
Whether you are looking for a self-drive car hire or with a chauffeur,  we have the right cars at affordable rates. Great Car rentals that have been used by our past clients include Toyota RAV4, Toyota Prado, Land Cruisers, and Custom Safari Vehicles. We have been in the Car hire service for a while and we are growing throughout the East African region. Whether you are looking for a business trip in Rwanda or a safari in Rwanda national parks, you do not have to worry about the car rental rates being high, we have the cheapest car rentals. Our car rental fleet includes all the vehicles you need ranging from small saloon car rentals to Car Rental vans carrying over 25 passenger

Is the Limited Millage on my Rented fleet?

Crystal car hire offers Unlimited mileage but restricts the driving time. The car has to start being on the road at 6:30 am and stop being on the road at 7:00 pm

Can we both Drive the rented car at no Extra Charge?

Yes, Crystal car hire allows both drivers to drive the car at no extra fee as long as they all have valid driving licenses as long as they are all parties to the rental agreement.

Cheap car rental RwandaChoose between renting an affordable car in Rwanda with a professional driver or on a self drive trip . The self-drive option is not only the cheaper option but also gives you all the time, privacy and freedom you need. On the other hand, the services of a driver ensures doing all the handy work  like replacing a tyre or fixing a mechanical problem so that you can have a relaxed and hustle free drive around Kigali. Whatever your choice is, we are ready to give the best service worth your budget and personal needs.

However Our past clients highly recommend our resourceful driver/guides. They not only escort you and give you insights about Rwanda, They spare you the stress of navigating the roads that is no small luxury and well worth the very reasonable flat price of $30/day. This price is comprehensive and includes all expenses.

Cheap car rental RwandaCrystal car hire helps guide you on your Self Drive car experience. Driving in Rwanda is on the right and Self-drive 4×4 car hire is absolutely possible in Kigali and other places in Rwanda. Rwanda has good roads, most of the roads in urban areas are well paved with road signs to direct you. However, the rural roads  differ from urban roads . Lots of Corners and craters require slow speeds. The max speed is 60km/hr while the min is 40km/hr. If you maintain an average 50km/hr on the bumpy roads and 40km/hr in the national game reserves, count the first step of your self drive car hire trip as a success.

We look forward to giving you a memorable and pocket friendly transportation around Rwanda’s parks, villages and popular local attractions.

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