Mainly characterized by the West African tropical rainforest, the East African savannah grasslands, and the rolling hills, Rwanda is such an amazing wildlife safari destination. Car Hire in Rwanda Eases Family Travel Troubles.

It is an ideal vacation destination as it has gradually established itself as a safari spot over the years. Rwanda is such a naturally endowed country with lots of unique wildlife species, captivating landforms, and intriguing cultures.

Additionally, the land of a thousand hills has one of the fastest developing cities in Kigali and it is also the cleanest and safest country to travel to. This is why in 2022, it will be hosting the Common Wealth Heads of Government Meeting (Chogm).

Rwanda is a wonderful vacation spot to travel to with your family and have a lifetime experience. The best way to travel around this east African country with your family is by hiring a car. Car hire is the safest, most convenient, and most comfortable means of travel.  It is what family travel requires since they are infants involved and there needs to be assured safety.

Car hire saves you a lot when traveling with a family. You can easily control and monitor all members as you travel altogether in one vehicle.

There is an array of family cars to hire in Rwanda for example, the safari van (Hiace), super custom, and even a land cruiser can do the job if the family is of about 4 individuals.  Time and convenience are the ultimate rewards for a family.

Although infants are clumsy and annoying at times, the best way to keep them in control while traveling is by renting a car in Rwanda.

Perfect places to visit with a family

Akagera National Park: This is the only savannah park in Rwanda, located in the eastern region of the country. The park has an assortment of activities for both adults and children to enjoy for instance game drives, boat rides, guided nature walks, and village encounters.

To the family’s advantage, Akagera is such a calm and safe area with a few predators. Therefore, there is no need to worry about putting the children at risk.

Another place to definitely visit is Nyungwe National Park, this is a forest park with a plethora of primate species that would mesmerize kids. The most eye-catching of all are the chimpanzees, our closest relatives.

These small great apes are dramatic and shrewd. Unfortunately, chimpanzee trekking has an age limit whereby persons below 12 years are restricted from participating in the activity.

However, you can enjoy with your kids, a guided nature walk where you will sight several other primates such as the red-tailed monkey, black and white colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey, and olive baboons.

Other wildlife species to see on the nature walk in Nyungwe National Park include amphibians, reptiles, butterflies, and innumerable bird species. A trip to Nyungwe makes kids relate to what they study in science.

Cycling is also available around Nyungwe National Park. We all know that a bike is one of the playing tools kids request when they leave the toddler stage.

Children love riding and make their dream come true by bringing them to Nyungwe to take a detour around the remote villages of the area.

Lastly, you cannot tour Rwanda without exploring Kigali city. Kigali is the capital of Rwanda, one of the cleanest and most modernized towns in Africa. Kigali has lots of attractions to offer to a family from fancy restaurants, amusement parks, recreation facilities, and historical and cultural centers. Contact us to know more about how Car Hire in Rwanda Eases Family Travel Troubles.