What to Avoid When Renting a Car: To some people car renting is regarded to be very expensive, however, there are some things you have to do or follow to save some money on car rentals.

First of all on your next holiday if you happen to take up a self drive in Rwanda make sure that the car hire is fully covered with insurance or make sure that back home you have a car rent insurance whereby while driving in Rwanda you are not liable to any damages that may happen to a car in case of an accident or theft. Because you are more likely to pay for the damages whereby you will spend more money to repair the car if you are not covered of these damages.

This is usually a common mistake among travelers who hire cars in Kigali where by the car hire provider gives you a car with a half or full tank of fuel to start up your journey by going to the hotel or any destination and you return it with less fuel. Please always return the car with the exact amount of fuel as it was given to you because if you fail to do so, you are more likely to pay a big fee/fine to make up for the fuel you used first time.

Always tell the car hire provider all the extra services in the car hire package pricing other than charging them separately. In most cases if extra services like the baby seat for family drive and gps for self drive are charged separately, they come with higher prices than when charged with in the entire car hire service package.

Before you take up a car hire for your vacation, make sure you inspect it with the car hire company so that you can know the condition of the car and also take photos of the car that act as evidence when you return the car. This makes you know which damages you are to be accounted for when you return the car top the car hire company.

Always check on in your agreement if there is early return rule and follow it. When the latter is in the agreement you have made with the car hire company please endeavor to return the car in the earliest time possible. Try to leave the destination you have been touring early so that you can return the car with in time. Because you may be charged for returning the vehicle at a later time than what was agreed.

Always try to put the above into account so that you can save some money on your car renting.