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Get on an ultimate adventure safari and vacation in one of our fully equipped 4×4 self drive cars like 4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser, Camper Van and take a self drive safari or rent with a driver/Chauffeur into some of the world’s most impressive game reserves and wilderness areas. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a 4X4 self drive safari with crystal car hire.

Our prime business is a fleet of 4×4 (4wd) vehicles, campers, cars and recreational vehicles available for hire for self drive purposes or Hire with a Driver/Chauffeur. The self-drive safari is a very economical, interesting and exciting way to explore the many attractions Uganda has to offer.

Many of Uganda’s best game reserves and other attractions are only accessible by gravel roads and 4×4 (4wd) tracks; this is one of the reasons why a 4×4 vehicle is the ideal mode of transport and the most capable Safari vehicle. These all terrain 4×4 vehicles are all available as fully equipped and self contained campers. The extensive equipment provided such as cooler boxes, kitchen equipment and chairs to mention a few, allows one to live out of the vehicles comfortably for extended periods. All the vehicles are carefully prepared and maintained by in-house workshops and a thorough introduction to the vehicle and equipment accompanies each hire. Travel consultants are available to assist with route guidance and bookings.

4x4 self drive - Affordable car hire

Looking for a rental car for self drive in Uganda? Welcome to Uganda Self Drive, the Kampala based 4 Wheel Drive Rentals experts and specialists! We are a car rental agency offering personal service to travelers interested in exploring Uganda  in your won time. With over 10 years of experience, we offer a renowned car hire service to travelers interested in touring Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

We offer cheap self drive cars for hire in Uganda & Rwanda from as low as USD 30 per day. Our independent self drive travel program gives you the freedom to explore Uganda, visit the gorillas, tour national parks, idyllic villages and the top places by car. We guarantee your travel experience will be easy and stress free throughout your holiday.

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