Whether you are traveling for business or leisure holiday in Rwanda, you can always lower the car rental costs if you plan and research well. Rates will depend on the agency you are booking with car type and number of rental days. A safari or leisure trip requires you have a big budget but you can cut costs on a rental car if you follow these 6 tips.

Compare rates– Don’t go for the first company you inquire with, always look out the window for more companies. There are over 100 Rwanda car rental companies so sticking with one is not a good idea. Go with an agency that will offer you a decent car at the cheapest rate.

Book with smaller companies – If you want to save on car rental in Rwanda, then you should always go with small company but not starter. Big companies have lots of clients and so normally over charge since they know they can get clients in a blink of an eye. Avoid the big guns and save some money for other things.

Dont rent from the airport – Majority of car rental companies always add an extra fee to transfer the car to the airport and that’s why you should avoid it and visit the office to pick up your rental car. Booking private cab or hotel shuttle wil help you save some money.

Ask about discounts – Dont be shy when talk9ing or chating with the reservations personnel, ask if they offer special discounts and how you can get one. Discounts are not only reserved for return clients but also first time customers. It will depend on type of car and number of days you wish to use it.

Rent the smallest car – If you are traveling solo or as a couple, then it’s good idea to rent the smallest car around and save money. The Toyota Rav4 and Premio are two cars that shouldn’t miss on your rental list. Small cars are good fuel economizers plus easy to drive around , so it’s a sure win when you go with one.

Ditch the extras– If you want to get cheap car rental deal in Rwanda, then 7you should forego extras like a GPS, car seats, insurance to mention but a few. For instance; You could use a phone as GPS and lower the costs.

Research about fuel rates– This is a very important tip especially if you are going for self drive road trip in Rwanda. Go online and learn about how much fuel it will take per km and the best gas stations around the area to avoid falling victim of fraudsters or overspending.