Uganda Safaris

Uganda safaris, come and explore the pearl of Africa. There is something unique about Uganda that is currently un-tapped by many travelers. We believe that when you travel, you want to understand the true uniqueness of a particular country; you probably want to know how the locals live, how they go on with their daily activities and yes, what special foods they eat. Right?

Auto Rental Uganda Offers some of all-in-one Local Authentic Experiences for a day’s visit in these African homes during your travel whether on self drive car hire in Uganda or on a guided trip with one of our resourceful driver guides.

On the western countryside of Uganda, on the slopes of mountain Rwenzori is Mubuku village home to one of our driver guides Alex which is open for any intrepid traveler to Uganda with Auto Rental Uganda. In this home you can milk the cows, graze the cows and goats locally, fetch firewood, do some little farming, prepare breakfast and lunch on an African 3-stone stove, share a one-one with the members of the family and yes you shall have to peel, steam and mash our local staple food the matooke to a well prepared Luwombo food, our traditional Ugandan meal. If it will be a Sunday, you can also join the praise and worship in a nearby church.

Definitely yes, you will double this with the wildlife safaris, the ultimate Gorilla adventure, chimpanzee tracking, the elusive tree climbing lions of Ishasha, boat cruises, great scenery and the Batwa experiences.

This tour is possible on request and added as a day’s activity on the itinerary. This experience is also possible in the “land of the milk” another village home for one of our directors. The typical traditional meal called the luwombo and its preparation is a top-notch experience here.

If you are that traveler seeking a local Authentic Experience in Uganda, Drop us an email and lets show you the typical Ugandan lifestyle and later call it the true definition of Adventure.