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Self Drive Weekend Trip To Fort Portal in Uganda

Trip To Fort Portal: Are you looking for a weekend retreat destination where you can unwind off your week or have to take off a leave in a quiet surrounding but still stay at peace and relax off your minds? Then a Trip To Fort Portal town and the surrounding are just the perfect destinations to consider. As an old colonial and trade town, fort portal is also one of the cleanest towns in Uganda with well arranged streets, very soft and welcoming people with many attractions to keep you busy and spice up your adventure experience in western Uganda lying about 300kms west of Kampala town, nested at an elevation of 1500m ASL and with a population of about 55000 persons mainly from the Bantu Ethnic groups, Fort portal will enrich you with the best weekend holiday that would turn out very memorable. Fort Portal town is the base of the Tooro, the youngest kingdom in Uganda with the youngest monarch, who was 4 years old when he was crowned king. The town is overlooked by the Tooro Palace overlooking the beautiful town. They have a common slogan “Tooro Kokasemera” literally meaning, Tooro region, your so beautiful” and yes it is beautiful.
How to To Get There.
From Kampala, there are a lot of public means to get to fort portal either by big buses or commuter taxis. You may opt to Rent A car in Kampala and drive your own adventure at your own pace. The difference here is that, with public means, the driver controls the travel time and with a self drive car rental, you control your travel time and have the peace of independent travel. Secondly, connecting to the beautiful sites around fort portal may turn out a nightmare if you do not have a car with you and require connecting to these destinations. 
What to see in Fort portal surroundings.
The crater lakes are a must visit area on the southern part of Fort portal. Here lies very beautiful and scenic explosion crater lakes and a drive through this area including the Kasenda area is absolutely worth the drive and very accessible with your own rented car from Kampala.The chimpanzee trekking. In the neighborhood, south of fortpotal town lies a great old forest where you can absolutely marvel through the kibale rain-forest National Park in search for humans closest relatives, The Chimpanzees. Done in the morning or afternoon, the forest is only 40kms away from fort portal and the road is a perfect drive through. A Mabere Ga’nyina mwiru. A few kilometers west of the town are caves with waterfalls and stalagmites formed like Woman breasts dripping of white substances like milk which have a lot of traditional telling as narrated by the site guide. Inclusive of the Mabere caves tour is a walk to the Top of the hills with scenic views of the Beautiful town and more traditional telling crater lakes. It is interesting to find footprints on stones dating 1000years ago. Isnt it?The town itself. As a colonial and most cleanest town. A walk and not a drive through the streets of fort portal is an amazing experience. Get one on one with the locals and share the beauty of the town. The Mpanga market is a must tour area as you have deep insights about Uganda’s lifestyle and can be rounded off in a market.Lodges and accommodations.

There are a wide range of great and good accommodations both budget mid-range and luxury. Rwetera safari park is one of the beautiful accommodations south of fort portal town. Ruwenzori inn is another budget seconded by the Dutches in the middle of the town. If You prefer to go luxury and willing to spend a little more, then we have no other recommendation that Kyaninga Lodge and yes you will be worth the extra pay. One of the most beautiful places in Uganda and probably Africa, is the serene in which kyaninga lodge is nested. If you prefer a wilderness and quiet wilderness experience, then among the  Kibale forest lodges would be a great idea for your stay and reasonably budget and midrange.

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