Toyota Rav 4 is Available for hire on both Self drive Rwanda, and chauffeur hire, Full time 4×4 and seats 4pax. Simply sit back and enjoy every single moment.

Toyota Rav4

Our Toyota Rav 4 cars are very economical , it’s a 5 seat SUV with automatic transmission, air-bags, and an air-conditioning system. It’s the best option for self-drive in Rwanda and Uganda. we have different types of Rav 4 cars and the client has to choose according to his favorite Rav 4 car.

Toyota Rav 4 – 5 doors

The Toyota RAV 4 is Uganda’s most widely used 4×4. Sporty, compact, and robust, as well as easy and economical to drive. It’s automatic and in permanent four-wheel-drive. Fuel consumption is very low compared to the Landcruiser: around  10-12 km/liter. This make this vehicle suitable for budget safaris holidays within Rwanda.

Our Toyota RAV  Rwanda is well maintained second-hand vehicles. The 5-door model can fit up to four people. If you’re camping in Uganda with three adults or more, the Hilux or Landcruiser would be the car to choose. It is NOT possible to travel to Kidepo and Karamoja in a RAV4.

Price per day in euro  *Low season Regular season
1- 4 days $60 $65
5- 9 days $55 $60
10+ days $50 $55

Budget – Toyota Rav4 – 3 doors

This is the 5-door RAV4’s little brother, but other than size, there are no differences between the two. Both RAV4s are automatic and have the same engine.

The smaller 3-door Toyota Rav 4 model fits two people with camping gear, or three people if you’re not camping and only take personal luggage.

It’s NOT possible to travel to Akagera National Park in a RAV4 during the rainy season the Land cruiser or Hilux would be a better option.

Price per day in euro  *Low season Regular season
1- 4 days $45 $60
5- 9 days $40 $50
10+ days $40 $45

The Toyota Rav-4 still remains one of the most popular hired car.  You will be able to have the best time while hiring our cars.

We have a very professional team of great reservation specialists who are always ready to reply to your inquiries. our Reservation specialists offer the best recommendations about which car to lease during any time of the year.

Model: Toyota Rav4

Description: 2005 – 2015

Transmission: automatic

Engine Size: 2400cc

Max People / Luggage: adultx5 suitcase_largex4 suitcase_smallx3

Est. Fuel Consumption: 9.6 litres per 100km.

Customer Rating: 5 stars.