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Top 10 Highlights of Uganda.

We present to you the Top 10 Highlights of Uganda. Uganda is of no doubt the famous Pearl of Africa. Still lush green, virgin and welcoming is with no doubt the country that truly defines Africa, A country full of life, a country incredibly beautiful and a country that reflects the image “when you close your eyes and think of Africa”. Each day spent in Uganda offers something different, something unique and yes something extraordinaly and welcoming whether you are guided through the country or preferably opted Self drive safaris in Uganda. The endless rolling Hills in the south, the fascinating endless plains of Karamoja, marvel through the scenic views of western Uganda, Rafting on start of the longest river in the world, Hiking through the challenging snow  peaked mountains, Spectating at the most incredible wildlife in over 10 national game reserves with famous Tree climbing lions, natural wonders, historical sites and diverse cultures, trekking through mist enveloped rainforests searching for Human’s closest relatives, oh yes the feeling of getting upclose, personal and looking into the eyes of a mountain Gorilla is rewarding and incredibly exceptional memories of a life time. There is so much to do in Uganda however below we breakdown the Most 10 highlights of Uganda, things you shouldn’t miss out or probably you should do to have a real feel about Uganda.

  • Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking. Remarkably, This ranks as the Number #1 top thing you should never miss doing when in Uganda. Something you would never find anywhere else in the world of travel. Read and get inspired about Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable or mgahinga National parks coupled with chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest National Park.
  • Raft The Nile. Get flipped, swallowed and get spit out by the Grade 5 Rapids on the longest river in the world. Done in Jinja town (the tourism capital of East Africa) about 80kms east of Kampala town is also known for bungy jumping, kayak the Nile and amazing sundowners oh yes visit where the longest river in the world starts its 6700km journey.
  • The African Experience. Who travels to a country like Uganda and misses out this? Then You probably missing out the best of Uganda or the insights about Uganda. Uganda offers impressive and extraordinary local with diverse cultural practices that will live you awing. From the unique karamojong culture, the basoga Public circumcision and the Batwa-pigmies scattered around the country. Over 40 languages and practices in Uganda.
  • Kidepo Valley National park. It is the Hidden treasure of the wilderness and yes incredibly exceptional. Located in the far north eastern corridor of karamoja, kidepo valley is a place that truly describes Africa, a place with incredible landscape, unique rewarding culture and spectacular game. Kidepo is a true definition of the wilderness.
  • Murchison falls. They are the most powerful waterfalls in the world and featured in the famous Humphrey Bogart Film, The African Queen. In the Murchison falls National Park inhabits the most impressive thing that has ever happened to the 6700km longest river in the world before it joins the lake Albert proceeding up through sudan to Egypt. Hiking after a game filled boat cruise is enriching and rewarding for any adventurous traveler.
  • Kazinga Channel Boat cruise. Continuously recommended by many travelers to Uganda, the Kazinga channel connecting two lakes in Queen Elizabeth National park is something you should never miss. Crowded with schools of Hippos, Elephants quenching their thirst, Crocodiles, buffalos, bird species and much more. This can be doubled with an encounter with the cats in the kasenyi plains. A place you can see the lions and leopards.
  • The Ishasha Sector. Forget about spectating wildlife from far a distance, Raise up through your safari car open roof and spectate the kings of the jungle lazily hitching and sleeping under the canopy shades of huge canopy Fig trees and yes only found in ishasha sector, part of the bio-diverse Queen Elizabeth National park. Not only are the lions, but a variety of other animal and bird species like the hyenas, Topis, elephants, bucks, kobs, hippos, buffalos and a place to spot the beautiful Gonolek.
  • The lake mutanda and virunga conservation area. If Uganda is the pearl of Africa, then this area in southern Uganda is the mother of Pearl. The lake mutanda with its local dugout canoeing and traditional local experience in an incredibly fertile and beautiful amazing Place you need to add to your visit whilst in Uganda. Double this with a Coffee tour on the impressive rolling hills overlooking the chain of the virunga volcanoes. Hike through the challenging but interesting volcanoes for the hikers and view three countries from the Top: Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo.
  • The Lake Bunyonyi. It would definetly get you awing the moment you start approaching and viewing from the top. The apprx 900m deep lake snakes around 29 islands which can be visited by dugout canoe or by speed boat. Ride through the calm waters with a local guide and get deep interesting insights and stories towards the Extreme end for the batwa community experience. With many lodges on the islands, Lake bunyonyi is a place to unwind your trip memories and for the honey mooners, this is the perfect place.
  • Lake Mburo National park: Considerably small compared to other National game reserves, lake Mburo prides itself with a beautiful lake from where it derives its name and a high density of wildlife per square kilometer. The Game drive is impressively rewarding and the boat cruise is something exceptionally nice. Lake Mburo is one of the few places where you can do horseback safaris, bike safaris, walking safaris and yes where the famous Ankole long horned cattle can be found.

These are the top 10 Highlights of Uganda. All these impressive areas in Uganda can be accessed by road on a guided trip with an insightful driver guide or by car rental for self drive in Uganda. Uganda is a country capable of offering you adventure activities or keeping you busy each day for more than 22 days and remarkably the pearl of Africa.

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