Traveling around Rwanda by car is one of the most exciting and productive experiences because it is safe, convenient, and comfortable. These Tips for Finding a Rental Car of Your Dreams in Rwanda will help you to plan your safari in Rwanda much better for a great experience.

However, not every car rental deal will offer the aforementioned. Therefore, you need to be so very careful when finding a rental car to take you around Rwanda.

While in the market looking for a rental car that is extraordinary, here are some tips to help you along the way:

Consider fellow travellers.

The vehicle you hire may be totally different if you traveling with your pals for a weekend getaway compared to going with your sweetheart to a romantic spot. a different car can also be used when traveling with infants. Try to think of the best vehicle to use for your travel needs.

Make research.

let’s say, you are traveling with a group and most probably the safari van will be the perfect car for your trip. The next thing to do is make research to find the best rental agency to provide the safari van. Nowadays, you don’t have to walk miles or read magazines to find car rental companies in Rwanda, information was brought to your convenience, thanks to the introduction of the internet! Browse through Google and you will find a series of rental companies hiring out vans. Look at their packages and prices, compare and contrast.

Reward yourself during your trip.

I know people say that you need to be frugal to get the most out of your Rwanda tour.  At times you need to get pompous and get something that settles your heart or is desired by your heart. Book a rental car that is good-looking, comfortable, and makes a statement. This tip particularly goes to clients engaging in business transfers.


Most rental vehicles come with comprehensive insurance which covers collision damage, third party, and theft. However, it has a limit, most times the minor damages which are less than 100$ are liable to the hirer. There try to know the items not covered in the insurance policy, you can either pay for excess insurance or inform your bank to add car rental insurance on your credit card.

Know how much will the rental package cost. This is the next step in line. You have to know the price of the car rental in Rwanda. The vehicle rate, extra charges, fuel, wages of the driver if you are using one, and excess insurance. When inquiring about the cost of the rental car, endeavor to request a discount from the operator. You never your request may be accepted thus saving some money.

Make a budget plan.

When the price of the rental package is given to you, start to plan how you are going to spend on each item. It is best, to sum up, the rental and other travel expenses such as air ticket, accommodation, food, and activities to engage in one quote. Here you won’t feel the burden that comes with making separate plans for meeting different expenses. You take the quote on at ago.

Lastly loosen up, when done with planning and booking your rental package, the next thing to do is to wait to travel to Rwanda and have fun. Let go of all your problems and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Contact us for more tips for finding a Rental Car of Your Dreams in Rwanda.