Self Drive Vs Chauffeur Hire at Crystal Car Hire we play a big role in making awesome entrances to any party nothing matches the pleasure of being driven by a professional chauffeur or even a self drive in the comfort of a stylish luxury car. From classic vintage cars to modern cars, you have to choose a car that matches with the style or type of wedding and fits your budget. However, the most important issue is whether you will prefer to get your own drivers or hire chauffeurs from the crystal car hire agency. Which-ever option you choose can have a great impact on the proceedings of the party.

Self Drive Vs Chauffeur Hire with self drive option, you have all the freedom to travel at travel anywhere you want at your own pace. This option is cheaper since you can just hire your relatives, friends or siblings to drive you at a cheap rate or for absolutely nothing. This sounds like the best potion but it comes with its disadvantages with major one being that the driver may be inexperienced, may not have the required driving documents, may be unprofessional, may get lost and in case of an emergency like a break-down, he might fail to solve the problem or take longer than expected delaying the wedding convoy for the special occasion.

On the other hand, Chauffeur driven car hire option is much more convenient as all transport responsibilities are left to the driver giving you all the comfort and relaxation you need during your travels. Using a chauffeur means you won’t need to worry about anything like getting caught up in traffic or lost, breakdown … just sit back, relax and let him guide the way. Their hospitality and reliability ensures you will be anywhere you want to go at any time of service.

So whenever you’re planning to hire a wedding car in Uganda , you should always consider these two options and evaluate what suits you best. For more car hire tips , get in- touch with us through