Rwanda the commonly known “Land of a thousand hills” has developed rapidly. Rwanda has not developed only for the case Tourism sector or even infrastructures, but now in Rwanda you can hire a car for your own to all the destinations you would wish too. The bookings can be done online just as many tourists find it easier and simple. Crystal car hire is not the only company but we are the best for your safety to your destinations. Self Drive in Akagera National Park in Rwanda seems hard to a visitor but it’s easier as explained below.

Self drive to Akagera National Park.

Akagera national park is situated at the boarder of Tanzania  in the Eastern of Rwanda. For better conservation of this park, African parks has taken over the responsibility to manage it  especially against the poachers. Before the natives analyzed the importance of its presence, there used to be conflicts between the park and them. Today, tourists are able to visit both the park and the local communities whereby the locals have gained from selling their products to them and so benefit accordingly.   

Putting all that aside, Akagera national park is so unique from the rest of the parks because it is the only Savannah park in Rwanda. Its also one of the biggest protected wetland. This is a habitant for various wild animals such as Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Kobs, Zebras, Bushbucks, Waterbucks and  Black Rhinos from South Africa. This makes Akagera national park officially a big 5 park. It also habits numerous bird species like; woodland, swamps, lakes and Savannah.

How long does it take to tour Akagera National Park?

Touring Akagera National Park doesn’t take so long. This can be done even in a day depending on your schedule.

This is how you can schedule yourself;- Wakeup very early in the morning and leave Kigali at about 5 am for a day trip to Akagera national park. This takes about two and a half hours to drive from Kigali the capital City of Rwanda. which is about 2.5 hours away from Kigali. The most incredible experience is game drive that takes about 4 hours depending on the location of these animals and the ones of your interest.

In the Afternoon you can have lunch in the park at  Akagera game lodge. Or incase you packed your snacks, you can eat them before your drive out of the park in the evening.

How can self drive be safe through the park?

Here are some guidelines or rules through the park. They will guide you on how to drive through the many animals safely;-

  1. Its advisable to start your tour very early in the morning before the break of day.

To catch up with time, it’s advisable to start with game drives since you can clearly see the early raisers such as the lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs and antelopes within Akagera National Park. For breakfast no worries because majority of the Safari Lodges serve  guests with breakfast at 5:30 am. So in the morning if you weren’t able to take it from your hotel, you will then take it from there.

For better spectacular views, carry a pair of binoculars and a bottled mineral water for refreshment during your exclusive tour.

2. Hire a ranger guide.

Its not necessary to forget to hire a ranger guide because they are experienced in these wild animals and can easily tell their habitants and much more details. Ranger guides do to their best to provide the best services.This makes it important to have one on your car. On top of that,  they know all the corners of the National Park.

3. Reduce speed limit

The park road is not like the main roads in the city, this is because in most cases you will find animals crossing at their own pace. Therefore, its advisable not to exceed the driving limit in the Park (40 kilometers per hour). This also includes not to destroy their vegetation and DON’T drive off the designated track . For better view of animals that are very far, you will put a pair of binoculars in to use.

4. Majority of the tourists prefer to to be out of their vehicles for better views,  but for safety keep inside your vehicles. For a break, leave your  vehicle at your hotel and demarcated picnic areas in the park. In the nights do not wonder since the park is near and you might be attacked.

5. For preservation, don’t pick any plants from the park in form of flowers, rocks, wood or any other natural objects in the park or even destroy. This is done for future maintainace for also others to watch the same.

6. Littering the park is prohibited. These may include paper bags or the plastic parkings. These may destroy both the wild animals and also the effect on the soils.Therefore, also keep the park clean. Don’t be tempted to feed the wildlife in the park.

7. Make necessary payments  at the park offices. These fees also contribute to the park maintenance, therefore make sure present your receipt at the exit of the Akagera national park to clarify.