Rwanda is a safe and secure country for traveling. However, sometimes issues emerge while on the road, especially the unforeseeable ones. Learn these Safety Tips While Exploring Rwanda by Car so that you fully enjoy your car hire experience.

So measures to be taken on every journey to have a safe car rental experience in Rwanda.

What to do before you set off for the self drive safari in Rwanda.

  • Make a vehicle road test so that you get acquainted with the car. There are very many kinds of automobiles manufactured in the world. The vehicle you may have hired may not be of the same specification as the one back home. Take a test and get used to the wheel.
  • Take a look at the maps of the destination you are leading to so that you can know the routes that you are supposed to use to access the final destination.
  • Inspect if the vehicle has any damage both on the inside and the outside. Note that a car is a machine, any issue on it can cause a mechanical breakdown and ruin your self drive in Rwanda.
  • Fix the mirrors and the seats in the appropriate position for proper driving so that you can get comfortable on the wheel.
  • check if the radio, wipers, lights, turn signals, cruise control, and side mirror controls are functioning before starting your trip.
  • It is advised to know if the vehicle has comprehensive insurance coverage consisting of the third party, theft, and the collision waiver damage as this helps to tackle the unforeseen problems without incurring more costs on your self drive safari. This is important for every car rental since it could save quite a lot of money than you can ever think. Note that if you hire a vehicle without insurance and it gets any problem, the liabilities are supposed to be paid by you the hirer. The costs are so hefty that you may spend a fortune and end up cursing car rental services. Our guidance is not to rent a car in Rwanda without insurance.

Car rental safety tips while driving on the roads of Rwanda While driving to your final destination.

  • Always keep on the main roads and do not take shortcuts. Just stick to the planned route proposed by the car hire agency.
  • Never give a lift to any strange you come across on the roads of Rwanda. This world is full of bad people who may want to cause harm to other people.
  • Never make a stopover especially at night or in a very weird and unknown spot as you never know what could befall. There could be highway robbers waiting to steal your valuables and the car itself.
  • In addition to the above never get out of your car till you are sure that you are in a safe situation.
  • Keep your luggage in the trunk and never show people that you are a guest in their area.

With the above Safety Tips While Exploring Rwanda by Car, the traveler can have a very secure and peaceful journey on the roads of Rwanda.