What to Do If Your Rental Car Breaks Down in Rwanda: Crystal Car Hire gives you the freedom to travel where you want at any time, and the best part is you travel in a very nice car that you cannot even afford but at a relatively less high price.

However, some problems you may face on the road, like car breakdown, can frustrate you. But these problems were foresighted by the car hire companies, they can be taken care of, and you also have to do something for the company to help you. Here are tips to help you prepare for a breakdown during your trip.

Before a Breakdown.

What to Do If Your Rental Car Breaks Down in Rwanda
What to Do If Your Rental Car Breaks Down in Rwanda

1) Check Your Insurance Policy.

Crystal Car hire provides insurance coverage for car breakdowns and accidents. If you rent a car, know exactly what your insurance covers. Some policies cover damage to your car’s interior, while others cover exterior damage like dents and scratches. Make sure your policy includes roadside assistance and accidents. If yours doesn’t, ask our agent whether they offer additional coverage.

2) Find Out About Roadside Assistance.

Roadside assistance is important because sometimes repairs take longer than expected. For example, if you break down on the side of the road, you might need someone to tow your vehicle out of harm’s way. This could mean calling a local repair shop or getting towed to a gas station. In either case, make sure your policy includes roadside help; Crystal Car Hire will help arrange for a tow truck or repair team to come and repair the rental car.

3) Know What to Expect If Your Rental Car Breaks Down in Rwanda.

When you call for roadside assistance, you should expect to wait. Depending on your location, it might take an hour or two for a tow truck or repair team to arrive. While you’re waiting, you’ll likely get updates on the status of your vehicle. Remember that the tow truck driver or repair man won’t be able to work on your car until after he arrives at your location.

4) Have Cash on Hand.

It’s always good practice to carry Cash when you travel. If you run into any problems with your rental car, you’ll need money to pay for repairs from the local repair shop. This might be faster than waiting for Crystal Car Hire team to provide the necessary help. Even if you have roadside assistance, you might still need to buy parts and supplies. Extra Cash also makes finding a hotel room or restaurant reservation easier.

5) Be Prepared.

It’s not uncommon to encounter unexpected issues during a trip. Don’t let this discourage you from renting a car from Crystal Car Hire. We help you prepare ahead of time by packing a few items in your trunk. These include:

  • A first aid kit
  • An emergency phone charger
  • Extra windshield washer fluid

6) Leave a Note.

You never know when something might happen, so leave a note with a Crystal Car Hire agent explaining your trip details. Include your contact information, the location you are taking for your trip, and where you are staying. Also, write down the name of the person who will be picking up your car.

After a Breakdown.

1) Call the Rental Company.

First thing’s first—call your agent at Crystal Car Hire. The agent will arrange for a replacement car to pick you up and also repairs for the damaged car. If not, they’ll tell you what steps to take next. If you’ve broken down on the side of a highway, call the police, who can offer you protection.

2) Get Help from Local Repair Shops.

Crystal Car Hire might send a representative to your location, depending on the distance. If not, you’ll be advised to hire a local repair shop to fix the damaged car. The shop will charge you for their services. Once they finish working on your car, they’ll give you a receipt detailing everything they did. You can then submit this receipt to us along with a copy of your bill.

3) Pay Your Bill.

Once you receive your bill, check to see how much you owe. Then, compare it to the amount listed on your receipt. If there’s a difference, dispute the charges. Call your agent to help you negotiate repair costs with the repair shops. This will prevent them from taking advantage of you because of language differences.

4) Find Another Car.

If you don’t want to drive around town without a spare tire or broken car, you’ll need to rent another car. Contact your agent and ask them to arrange for a new car to pick you up at your current location.

5) Return Your Old Car.

Once you return your old car, you’ll no longer be covered under your insurance plan. Make sure you keep all of your receipts as proof of payment.

6) Call for Nearby Help.

If you’re stuck somewhere overnight, try calling local hotels, inns or bed & breakfasts to see if they still have rooms for you to sleep for the help. Some will provide you will transport to the location.

Tips & Warnings

1) Avoid Driving During Rainstorms.

Rain is one of the most common causes of breakdowns. When driving in the rain, make sure you slow down and use caution. If you break down while traveling through heavy rainfall, stay off the road until the storm passes.

2) Check Tire Pressure Regularly.

Tire pressure plays a vital role in preventing accidents. If you notice that your tires are low on air, stop and adjust them before continuing on your journey.

3) Keep Your Vehicle Clean.

Keeping your vehicle clean helps prevent damage caused by dirt and debris. Our team cleans the cars prior to you renting them; it’s better to keep the car clean during your trip.

4) Carry Cash.

When renting a car, always carry enough cash to pay for any repairs or additional costs like fuel. This way, you won’t get stuck paying for a damaged car.

5) Be Prepared.

Pack a first aid kit, extra windshield washer fluid, and an emergency phone charger when renting a car. These items will help ensure that you’re prepared if you experience a breakdown.

6) Don’t Drink and Drive.

Drinking alcohol lowers your reaction time and makes it more difficult to control your vehicle. If you drink and drive, you could cause serious injury to yourself or others.

7) Know Where to Go for Repairs

Before leaving home, find out which parts of your car require maintenance. If you don’t know-how to perform basic maintenance tasks like changing tires, our team will help teach you how to perform this simple repairs.

8) Stay Hydrated.

While driving, you should consume plenty of water. Drinking water keeps you alert and prevents dehydration.

9) Keep An Eye Out for Road Hazards.

While driving, watch for potholes, cracks, and other hazards on the road. Slow down when approaching these obstacles so you don’t hit them head-on.

10) Have A Plan B.

Have a backup plan ready if something goes wrong during your trip. In the event that you encounter mechanical problems, contact your agent and the police. They may be able to offer assistance.

11) Take Care of Your Rental Car.

After returning your rental car, take care of any damages. If you rented a luxury model, wash the seats and carpets with warm water and detergent.

12) Ask About Insurance Coverage.

Ask about the coverage provided by your insurance policy. Some policies cover roadside assistance, but not all do.

What to Do if Your Rental Car Needs a Quick Fix.

If you’re renting a vehicle and it needs some work done, there are ways to deal with the problem yourself without having to call a tow truck. If it’s just a flat tire, you can fix it yourself. But if you find out that your battery died while driving down the highway, you’ll want to contact a local auto repair shop. And if you run out of gas, you can either wait for help to arrive or use a fuel pump to get more gas into your tank.

Who Pays for Rental Car Repairs after Car Breakdown?

Suppose repairs are necessary due to an accident. In that case, the Crystal Car Hire pays for the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle depending on the amount of damage incurred and the cause of the accident. This includes damages caused by vandalism, theft, fire, collision damage, and even wear and tear.

However, sometimes there are ambiguous situations where the problem might be the fault of the renter or due to a common mechanical issue. For example, did you forget to put gas in the tank? Or maybe the airbag didn’t deploy properly? Was the battery dead because it was old or just because you left a light bulb on inside? Was the renter driving restlessly or drank? Maybe you hit something while driving and damaged the front bumper. Is it covered under the manufacturer’s warranty?

You’ll want to check with your insurance policy to find out what happens if you’re involved in an accident. You may be able to deduct the repair costs from your deductible amount. If your insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of the repair, you may be responsible for paying part of the bill.

What happens if I get in an accident on a car rental?

If you’ve had a car accident while driving a rental car, it’s important to notify your agent immediately. You’ll want to make sure that your policy covers damage caused by another driver, and that you’re covered under the terms of the contract. If you don’t think you are covered, contact the Crystal Car Hire to find out how much coverage you actually have.

Regardless of who’s at fault — whether you hit something, ran into someone, or got sideswiped by some idiot — you’re legally required to inform the rental company of the incident. In addition to informing the rental company of what happened, you’ll want to call the police department where the crash occurred. They’ll likely ask you to file a police report, and that’s good practice regardless of who’s at fault.

Crystal Car Hire and our Insurance Company will usually dispatch a representative to inspect the damaged vehicle. This is part of the process called “claiming.” When claiming, representatives look for damages such as broken windows, dents, scratches, etc., and they check to see if anything is missing from the vehicle, like keys, wallets, phones, GPS devices, etc. Once the claim is filed, we send a repair estimate to the renter.

Once the rental company receives proof of ownership, it will often assign responsibility for the damage to the renter. Depending on the type of damage, the cost of repairs, and the amount of coverage offered by the rental company, the renter may be able to recover costs from the rental company.

In conclusion, if you ever end up stranded somewhere without transportation, you’ll want to know exactly what you should do. Fortunately, the answer is pretty simple: call Crystal Car Hire Agent. We’ll send someone right over to help you out. But if you’d like to save a bit of Cash, here are some alternatives:

  • You can ask a local gas station attendant for directions.
  • Talk to the locals, they will help you connect to a tow truck company and repair shop.
  • You can flag down a passing car and ask them for help.
  • Car the police for safety

While these options aren’t quite as convenient as calling Crystal Car Hire, they won’t break the bank either. So, pick whichever option works best for you and keep moving forward!