The travel operators in Rwanda have invented a new camping adventure whereby a traveler hires a car and a rooftop tent. The tent nestled on top of the car acts as accommodation thus dodging spending on a lodge. Hiring a car with a rooftop tent in Rwanda includes a 4×4 car, normally a land cruiser, a rooftop tent, and camping gear. Tourists can either hire a single rooftop tent that accommodates two people or a double rooftop tent that is occupied by four people. Therefore, this camping adventure is holistic, it can be enjoyed by solo travelers, couples, or with a family.

There are several reasons why you might consider hiring a car with a rooftop tent for your trip to Rwanda:

Flexibility and convenience: Having a car with a rooftop tent allows you to have a flexible and convenient way of exploring Rwanda. You can set up camp anywhere you like, without worrying about finding a suitable accommodation option. It allows you to stay in any place you wish at any time since it is a mobile accommodation which can be moved to any place of your choice.

Cost-effective: Renting a car with a rooftop tent may be more cost-effective than staying in hotels or lodges, especially if you plan to travel for an extended period. Here the expenses of transport and accommodation are adjoined into one which is much cheaper than booking the two separately.

Access to remote areas: Rwanda is known for its stunning national parks and wildlife reserves. Hiring a car with a rooftop tent allows you to access remote areas that may not have traditional accommodation options. The remote areas are usually natural and silent creating an incredible atmosphere to camp and enjoy the adventure with your loved ones.

Outdoor experience: For those who love the outdoors, a car with a rooftop tent provides an immersive experience of being close to nature. You can enjoy stunning views of the landscape and wildlife from your tent. At night, you can light up a campfire, and enjoy a few drinks or a cup of coffee with your loved ones as you reminisce about the good old times.

Social distancing: With the ongoing pandemic, having a car with a rooftop tent provides a safe and socially distant way of traveling and exploring Rwanda, without the need to stay in crowded hotels or lodges. You avoid sharing any facility with any other person, something advised during these covid-19 times.

Overall, hiring a car with a rooftop tent in Rwanda provides a unique and unforgettable way of exploring the country, allowing you to connect with nature and have an authentic travel experience.