Long term car hire vs public transport blog post gives you insight on the benefits of Long term car hire in Uganda over the use of public transport

Long term car rentals are good, convenient and comfortable for moving from one place to another for various reasons.  There are a number of transport means used all over the world, some people use their private cars, others use buses, trains, taxis, and plane. However, there is another traveling option for people today that is convenient, safe, comfortable and affordable called self drive car hire.  This is the commonly used means of transport lately and travelers find it very comfortable for things like vacations, city tours, airport transfer, business trips and in case of your own car break down, you can opt for this.

Here are some of the reasons as to why long term car hire is a greater alternative than public transport.

Greater control

For more than a decade people have been using long term car hire services but these have been greatly involved with tour agencies and other related companies and most of the times drivers have been assigned to lead the travelers. However, car hire companies are willing to rent a car in Kigali to people with an option of self drive in Rwanda and this is a great idea because:

  • You don’t have to get a chauffeur and pay for his services
  • You plan for your travel
  • You have the independence and privacy as you are the driver and the only passenger in the car
  • If you are on a family vacation, there is freedom to do whatever you like

These car hire services are nowadays are so affordable and you almost incur the same costs like using public transport in particular traveling to remote areas. One is also more likely to get a discount while using long term car hire.

Other benefits from long term car hire vs public transport

Long term car hire has been so dull in Africa however it is developing slowly as the world has become a global village as there are number of foreign national coming to Rwanda for business, vacation, political obligations and also have families in Rwanda so at time they need cars for hire in Rwanda to take them around as they fulfill their obligations. These are the other benefits people get from long term car hire;

  • they are always insured in case of any damage to car one is not worried of the bills to clear up for the damages
  • they come with extra facilities like GPS for one taking a self drive in an unknown place and baby seats for the case of one traveling with a family
  • They are spacious as one is able to carry his/her luggage with easy while traveling as the car hire companies have SUVs that are meant to carry passengers with large luggage.
  • One is able to travel in style and makes a good impression for the businessmen as the car hire agencies rent out very nice vehicles to their customers.

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