Anyone who has never had a safari to Rwanda might never imagine or think that spectacular Islands exist in the country but once you explore the Karongi Islands And Peninsulas Of Lake Kivu, you will believe that this country is indeed blessed beyond imagination. An island is a piece of land surrounded by a body of water and for Karongi in Gisenyi, there are 16 islands in total but there are only 6 popular and larger ones while the rest and smaller and less important.

Therefore, the most spectacular and popular of the Karongi Islands and Peninsulas include;

  • Amahoro Island.

This privately-owned island is surrounded by numerous Islands and is currently being transformed into a wonderful tourist destination with several Campsites for tourists interested in outdoor camping while surrounded by nothing but nature. Visitors to this Island also have the chance of enjoying other activities such as swimming, fishing, bird watching, boat rides and adventurous water sports like kayaking. There is a bar and a restaurant within Amahoro Island, hence allowing visitors to relax and refresh when they visit the site.

  • Mpembe Peninsula footpath.

This Peninsula is privately owned and can be easily reached with a boat from Kibuye but offers whole 4 kilometres long nature walk that allows tourists to explore some of the bird species found in the area. There are also several Camping facilities within the area and there is nothing as mind-blowing as sleeping and being woken by the beautiful sounds of the singing birds, which can only be achieved by visit the Mpembe Peninsula footpath.

  • Mpembe Island.

This Island is found near the Mpembe Peninsula and the two sites are connected to each other by a bridge but is easily reached by boat ride from Kibuye, hence rewarding tourists with the opportunity of relishing the magnificent views of the vast Lake Kivu and the whole island.

  • Napoleon or Munini Island.

Napoleon Island derives its name from its shape that looks like Napoleon’s hat and is renowned for being a home to a colony of fruit bats in addition to a wide range of bird species.

  • Nyakarwa Peninsula.

This small Peninsula is also found within Lake Kivu and is home to several bird species making it a wonderful birding spot. For tourists interested in enjoying an exciting birding experience in a less tiring environment can stop by Nyakarwa Peninsula and participants start the activity from the western province of Bwishura sector.

  • Kibuye footpath.

Kibuye footpath is presently being developed into a spectacular tourist site within Kibuye district and offers a number of adventurous activities such as bird watching, lakeside walking and relaxation, camping and picnics with barbeque facilities.

In conclusion, you cannot allow exhaustion and boredom to ruin your memorable safari experience in Rwanda when you can explore one or more of Karongi Islands and Peninsulas in Lake Kivu where activities such as swimming, bird watching and lazy nature walks can be enjoyed. A visit to these islands can supplement gorilla tracking adventure in Rwanda.