We understand that sometimes you could have problems getting your car rental at the counter. At Crystal car hire, we make everything about car rental as simple and transparent as possible. That means no jargon and no hidden extras, you can get refund if you cannot pick up your rental car.

This guide will give you an easy-to-understand description of the peace of mind option and why you should purchase it.

What is peace of mind?
Peace of mind is a type of protection that will protect you when you go to the counter but couldn’t pick up your car rental. Things can go wrong at the counter and that is where the Peace of Mind dives in. In that case, we will refund your payment immediately.

How does it work to refund if you cannot pick up your rental car?
Protection starts as soon as you arrive at the counter office.
No questions asked! Just let us know the problem.
If you cannot pick-up your rental we will refund your prepayment.
No cuts or waits! You get what you pay minus the Counter Protection.
We tried to explain what peace of mind is, how it works and why you should purchase it. If you have any questions that we could help you with, please feel free to contact us