The car rental services have become so famous in Rwanda for travelers visiting the various tourist sites. This is normally used by foreigners in Rwanda. Learn here how to avoid Rwanda Car Rental Woes.

Car rentals are and have been so useful to visitors of Rwanda since they are convenient, safe, and reliable and can get travelers to any place they may not be familiar with but wish to tour.

However, sometimes car rentals can be catastrophic if you are not careful. This can be validated by getting online and checking how some travelers complain about them due to the high costs and fees they met after using them because of some issues that could have gone wrong and monkey tricks played by rental operators.

For instance, some car hire agencies provide cars to customers without insurance and not in good condition and serviced.  The rental deal may also come with some hidden fees that are not explained to the customer.

So we are here to enlighten you on how to avoid car woes:

Know what car suits your travel needs.

Most people make the mistake of not first finding out what car can best suit the nature of their trip and just go for an expensive car rental. Yet cheap cars are available.

Take an example, if you are going for a Rwanda gorilla safari, ask yourself which car suits the tour. The most condoned vehicles for safaris are Toyota land cruisers, Toyota RAV4s, and Nissan patrols.

This is because these are sport utility vehicles with 4WD. On the other hand, if you are going for a city tour around Kigali city and you are only two people then you should use a compact car.

Rent a Car Earlier.

They say the early bird catches the worm and this is also practical in Rwanda car rental business. If you book your car rental earlier than the date you are supposed to travel, you have the time to look for the best car rental.

You will have all the time to search and also bargain and get the best car rental deals. Here there is room for you to dictate and tailor-make your car hire package.

You can inform the car hire reservation team what kind of combo you want right from the size of the car, specification, and the price.

Ask for the disclosure of all the prices included in the car rental package.

On the internet, businesses tend to display attractive prices on their websites and hide additional costs behind the enticing price tag.  So you have to play your part and request the car hire agency to disclose every expense you may incur while using their services.

Some of the hidden costs are fuel refill fees, early return fees, limited mileage, road taxes, and airport parking fees. therefore ensure all the extra fees are included in the quote and explained thoroughly so that you make a proper travel budget.

Ask if the car is insured.

Never hire a car in Rwanda without comprehensive insurance cover to avoid road trip woes. Any damage or any other issue all the costs may be added to your bill if the vehicle is not insured.  So you have to ensure that the car is protected against the third party, collision damage, and theft.

In conclusion, therefore, when you follow the above advice, you will learn How to Avoid Car Woes.