While in Rwanda with a rented car, the primary and most crucial step is to protect your car from any damage or theft. If you rent a car with crystal car hire, We have a large fleet of cars available for rent, depending on your budget and purpose of renting the car. It is is important to have a checklist of everything the car rental comes with.  At Crystal car hire, we have comprehensive car rental insurance, but also it is very key that you keep the car in the same condition. Here are some handy tips to protect your rental car.

Tips to Protect Your Rental Car: Keep The Car Locked.

It is always essential to double-check if you have locked the car behind you. Locking up your rental vehicle will always ensure the total security of your car. If anyone tries to break open the door of your car, the vehicle alarm will alert you, and it will instantly stop the thief from stealing your rented car.

Park Securely.

When you have rented a car, the safety of the vehicle becomes your priority. Hence you should park your car under a surveillance camera or CCTV to avoid theft. The rental car should be parked in a secure place like inside the Hotel premises or residence compound to prevent car damage due to negligence. Avoid parking your car in the dark or unlit areas where it is easy for the thief to act.

Use Steering Locks.

The device is one of the visible theft-deterrent systems that helps immobilize the steering wheel. Using this device reduces the risk of the car being stolen from its place. Equip your rented vehicle with a reliable and robust car steering wheel lock today and help decrease secure car theft. The steering wheel often gets auto-locked if anyone tries to move the vehicle without the key in the ignition. Please see that you have your device in place to ensure safety.

Avoid Unsafe Areas.

Car theft is one of the most common crimes committed across the world. A recent study found that there are over 2 million incidents involving stolen vehicles every year. Car thieves target cars left unattended in public places such as streets, parks, shopping malls, etc., because they know people tend to leave their keys inside while walking around.

One way to avoid being targeted by criminals is to ensure your vehicle is parked safely. For example, you could choose to park in a guarded lot or use a valet service. Another option is to find out where the safest spots are to park. Researching local news outlets can help you learn about crime trends in certain neighborhoods.

You can also ask the hotel staff or the accommodation host for the best spots, whether it’s street or parking garage, depending on what type of facility you’re staying at.

Remove Important Belongings.

If you park your car overnight, it’s very likely someone else will do the same. So, while you’re sleeping peacefully inside, thieves are probably lurking outside your car waiting for an opportunity to steal your stuff. It might seem like common sense, but many people don’t think about what they’ll do if someone breaks into their car. They just assume that no one will come along and help them out. But, even if you never plan on getting caught, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions.

There are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself safe from theft. Here are three simple steps that you can take to protect your valuables without having to resort to extreme measures.

1. Remove Valuable Items From Your Car.

The most obvious thing you can do to prevent theft is to remove any valuable items from the car. This includes anything you’d want to keep close, including laptops, cellphones, wallets, purses, and passports. You could also consider taking the trunk lid off so anyone trying to break in will have to go through some effort to access your property.

2. Lock Up Your Luggage.

Another easy step to take is to lock up your luggage. This includes suitcases, duffel bags, and backpack. If you leave your luggage unattended, it’s much easier for someone to break into it. Make sure you use a sturdy lock on your suitcase and put it somewhere where it won’t be easily accessible.

3. Check For Loose Objects In Your Back Seat.

It’s not uncommon for people to leave their back seats open when they get into their car. While this may seem harmless enough, it’s actually a great place for thieves to hide. If you notice something suspicious in your back seat, make sure you check it out before leaving.

While these tips aren’t foolproof, they should give you a good idea of how to stay safe while driving.

Keep Luggage and Bags Out of Sight.

If you have to leave your suitcase behind because you haven’t checked into your hotel, here are some tips to help you avoid getting busted.

First, don’t put the bag directly in plain view. Hide it somewhere else in the car, like the trunk or underneath the seats. Keep it hidden until you reach your destination.

Second, make sure you lock the car doors, even if there’s no one around. And remember to close the trunk too, since someone could still see what’s inside.

Finally, try not to open up the bag while you’re driving. This might seem obvious, but people often forget to close the trunk or leave it open when they park.

Keep Accessories Out of Sight.

A lot of people think that it’s okay to leave electronics unattended in a rental car because there are no owners. But that’s just not true. You still have legal responsibility for the property in the event of damage or theft. So make sure everything you bring into a rental car is locked up, hidden away, or out of sight.

Even if you don’t have the actual device in your vehicle, if a thief sees an electronic accessory, they might start looking for the real thing. If you do have something stolen, report it immediately.

Make It Look Local.

Thieves are more likely to snatch something out of your vehicle when they see you driving around town. They’ll think, “Hey, I could easily take something while she’s parked.” But if they notice that you’ve got newspapers or magazines in the front seat, they might think twice about getting into your car.

Tourists tend to have more things stashed away in their cars because they aren’t familiar with where everything goes. If you’re driving around unfamiliar territory, you might forget what you left inside. Make sure there isn’t anything obvious in plain sight that thieves could grab.

If you’re staying somewhere for awhile, pack up some stuff ahead of time. Having a few extra items in the trunk gives you options. For example, if you’re headed to a beach vacation, consider packing a bathing suit and sunscreen. If you’re heading off on a road trip, pack snacks, drinks, and maybe even a change of clothes.

And remember, keeping your car clean makes it easier to spot potential targets. Remove any stickers, maps, or luggage tags from the exterior of the vehicle. Don’t let anyone open the windows without asking — especially if it looks like someone’s been sitting in the driver’s seat. If you’re planning to park in a crowded lot, keep valuables hidden under the seats or in the glove box.

Lock the Rental Car.

Rental cars are often targeted because they’re easy targets. They tend to sit outside overnight and are often left unlocked and unattended. But there are ways to keep your car safe while it’s parked.

The first thing to do is make sure your car is locked. Locking the door is enough if you don’t plan on being gone for long. You’ll still need to take precautions like locking the keys inside the vehicle or hiding them somewhere else where no one can find them.

If your car doesn’t come with a remote key fob, try to remember where you put it. If you don’t know where it is, look around your house for it.

Check under the hood and underneath the seats for anything that could help someone gain access to your car. Look at the tires, too. A thief might use tire iron to pry open the wheel well and steal something.

Next, make sure the windows and sunroof aren’t open. Thieves sometimes use tools to smash those windows just to get into the car.

Finally, make sure the trunk is closed. If you’re renting a convertible, make sure the top is down.

Don’t Leave the Car Unattended Too Long.

We’ve heard many horror stories about people being robbed while driving alone. But what happens if you don’t even realize someone stole your car? A thief could easily steal your car without you knowing. They might just take off with it and never return it. You’ll probably find out when you go to use it again.

If you are planning on taking your car somewhere remote, such as a cabin in the woods, make sure you lock it properly. Don’t leave valuables inside, like your cell phone or wallet. Also, keep a close eye on your car whenever you park it. Make sure no one is tampering with anything.

And finally, always check around your car before getting in. Look under the hood, behind the seats, and even look for suspicious footprints. Try to remember where you parked, or maybe write down some landmarks nearby. This way, if something goes wrong, you can quickly figure out where to begin looking for your car.

Travel Insurance.

If you’re planning on taking a long road trip, it might make sense to invest in travel insurance. You never know when something could go wrong during your travels, and having the proper coverages can help you recover financially if anything goes awry. Most policies offer baggage coverage, which protects against loss or theft of luggage while traveling. This includes reimbursement for items such as laptops or phones that are lost, damaged, or stolen. Some plans even provide protection for valuables stored inside checked bags.

Some travelers opt for comprehensive travel insurance because they want to protect themselves from medical expenses, emergency evacuation, legal fees, and more. Comprehensive policies typically cost more money up front, but they often come with an added benefit of additional benefits like accident forgiveness and trip interruption coverage.

Car Insurance.

If you’ve ever had to pay for a broken windshield or a dented bumper, you know how expensive it can be. And while most people are aware of the importance of having auto insurance, many don’t realize that there’s another type of coverage that could help protect against damage caused by a thief.

Collision and rental coverage is typically included in renters’ policies, and covers damage done to your rental car during a break-in. If your insurer doesn’t offer this, ask about adding it to your policy.

What to Do When Someone Breaks Into Your Rental Car.

If someone breaks into your rental car while it’s parked somewhere, there are some things you can do to make sure nothing gets stolen. Here’s what to do:

Asses the Damage.

After a collision, it’s important to determine where the accident occurred and what caused it. There are several things to consider, including whether there was another car involved, how much damage is done to the vehicle itself, and what happened during the crash. If you touch the damaged area, it could cause further damage.

The first step is to assess the damage yourself. Take photos of the exterior of the vehicle, especially around the front end and hood. Look for dents, scrapes, scratches, broken glass, and anything else that might indicate why the accident took place. Don’t forget to document the interior of the vehicle too, such as the dashboard, seats, steering wheel, and door handles.

Next, check the tires. Are they flat? How about the tread depth? Was there a blowout? Did the tire wear unevenly? Is one side lower than the other? These factors can help explain what caused the accident.

If you see something out of the ordinary, like a strange smell coming from the vehicle, contact a professional immediately. A trained mechanic can make sure there aren’t hidden mechanical issues that could affect your ability to drive safely.

Call the Police.

When you find yourself in a situation where someone else’s vehicle has been damaged because of your negligence, it’s important to call the authorities immediately. In some cases, the person responsible for causing the accident may even try to flee the scene before the police arrive. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and trying to prove fault, you might consider calling the police.

The police are trained to handle situations like yours, and they’ll take care of everything for you. They’ll make sure that everyone involved gets home safely, and they’re usually able to provide information about what happened without having to go into too much detail. You won’t have to worry about getting a ticket or being arrested.

Contact the Rental Company.

Once you’ve filed the police complaint, it’s important to let your assigned Crystal Hire agent to let them know what happened. You don’t want to lose out on future bookings because your credit card information got stolen. Also, make sure to give them all the details of what happened — including the police case number — so they can file their own report. This way, both companies can work together to keep your account safe.

File an Insurance Claim.

If you rented a vehicle and got into an accident while driving it, you now have to file an insurance claims. This includes filing a claim with the renting company, as well as contacting your auto insurer.

If you purchased insurance with the rent company, they should handle everything on their end. You don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with multiple companies.

But if you’re using your personal insurance, you’ll need a little help. You’ll need to contact your insurance provider and file a claim.

The damage should be covered, though some credit cards do offer rental insurance when you make a rental car booking with one of those cards. If you used one of those cards, you’ll need to provide proof of coverage to the rental company. They’ll likely ask for a copy of your policy, including the declarations page.

You might also want to check with your credit card issuer to see whether or not there’s rental insurance included in your plan.


In conclusion, renting a car is a convenient way to travel around town. However, if you want to keep your rental safe and sound, here are a few handy tips to protect your vehicle from damage.

First, never leave anything valuable inside your car. This includes expensive electronics like smartphones and tablets, along with personal items such as wallets, purses, and sunglasses. Instead, store these items in a safe location where they won’t be damaged during a collision.

Next, don’t leave valuables unattended in your car. Even if you lock your doors, thieves can break into vehicles using tools like crowbars. Make sure that your windows are locked too, and if you’re going somewhere remote, park in a garage or under cover.

Finally, don’t let strangers help you load or unload your belongings. Always ask someone who looks trustworthy to help you carry your bags or boxes. Also, don’t accept rides from total strangers unless you know exactly where you’re headed.

These simple precautions will ensure that your rental stays safe and sound throughout its lifespan. Contact us for more handy tips to protect your rental car.