Guided Uganda Safaris - 18 Days

This is an incredibly and spectacular designed package that highlights the best Guided Trips in Uganda offered. From the best game reserves, cultural encounters, primate trekking, breathtaking sceneries, bird watching and yes, meet the friendliest people in Africa. This trip starts from the capital Kampala, descends south of the country through the equator to the west, North and east of Uganda. Practically, you will definitely sleep in the best selected nature lodges.

Start your Guided Trips in Uganda when you receive your car from a Crystal Car Hire Representative who will brief you about Uganda and the suggested pre–arranged trip you’re about to take. After you receive all the vouchers for your lodges, the wildlife payments are due at this time, and then you are off on your adventure. You can opt for a Kampala city tour that includes the museum, the Bahai temple, the craft village, the Namugongo shrine, and or the Kasubi tombs. Whatever your choice is, you will fall in love with Kampala.

Accommodation; lake Victoria view guest house or Cape Diem. Both of these guesthouses are nested on a hill with a 360 degrees view of Lake Victoria

Day 2. Equator and Lake Mburo National ParkEnjoy the second day of Guided Trips in Uganda that takes you south of Uganda to the Ankole land. You will pass most of the interesting places in Uganda- the beautiful stool makers, drum makers, and the famous equator line at 0 degrees, where the southern and northern hemispheres meet. You will proceed south to Lake Mburo N.P. in the afternoon. Lake Mburo self-drive safari is a rewarding drive in one of the most animal concentrations per square kilometer Park that also prides itself on rare animals like the shy Eland and is sometimes referred to as the Home for the Zebras. Be rewarded with spectacular Game drives, boat cruises, Nature walks, horseback safaris and Bike rides are some of the activities to keep you rolling on a self-drive car rental in Uganda. Distance 250kms: Travel time 5:50hrs.

Accommodation; Eagles Nest Lodge nested on the boundaries of the park hill overlooking the park and great views or Mihingo Lodge, a luxury lodge with great crafted cottages overlooking the park for an upgrade.

Day 3. Lake Mburo National Park game drive or UWA guided walk
Decide to do any activities that you might have not done the previous day and later proceed south to Lake Bunyonyi. Along the way in Mbarara, there is a special optional lunch if you really want to know how Ugandans eat, instead of having the normal tourist lunch in Mbarara, lets us organize an amazing traditional meal prepared by a Ugandan woman in her African home and in a simple setting. You will be in the African shoes and know much about Uganda. After your wonderful lunch experience, you will proceed south to Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale, the second deepest lake in Africa estimated at 900m deep, Also called the small Switzerland of Uganda, with scenic and relaxing atmospheres.

Accommodation; Bunyonyi Overland Resort or Byonna Amagara a hotel on one of the islands.

Day 4. A feel of the Switzerland of Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi has a lot of amazing activities to do. On this lake, you can decide to canoe or boat cruise, or visit the traditional islands including the up-side down island and the punishment island. Local guides tell you all this history. Consider hiking to the mountains and visiting an isolated community living at the top of the mountain, the views while hiking are spectacular. The Batwa Community will sing and dance and you too will join the local traditional dance. Return to the lodge for lunch and later enjoy another self-drive trip to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park through a rainforest and enjoy the cool breeze, you can see many breeds of monkeys and may spot the elusive forest elephant here. Bwindi is another bird’s haven for bird lovers. Distance 120kms, Time 3hours. the road in the Bwindi section is bumpy and maintains 40kms/hr in the park.

Accommodation; Bakiga lodge in Ruhijja or the community Bandas in Buhoma. All these lodges are nested and enveloped next to the park boundaries with a great feel of nature.

Day 5. The ultimate Gorilla experience.
Today you will be in the rainforest for that once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas of Uganda. These great apes are unique; they have families and support each other. This trekking takes between 4 to 10 hrs depending on the location and movement of these apes and your gorilla group. Of course, you have a packed lunch and after the encounter, you will get back to your lodge for a nice cold drink and embark on another self-drive car rental safari to the Ishasha sector. Distance 80kms Time: 1hr:20mins.

Accommodation; At the river Ishasha or ishasha jungle lodge for an upgrade. Either of the two lodges gives a perfect definition of the wilderness experience. Nice Crafted cottages overlooking the hippo-thronged Ishasha River.

Day 6. Search and Photograph tree-climbing lions.
Enjoy another insightful day of Guided Trips in Uganda and mainly for the famous and elusive tree-climbing lions of Ishasha. towards the southern circuit and through the fig trees are the kings of the jungle hitching on the huge horizontally positioned branches. These are the specialties of this park and are an exceptional thrill to see and photograph. There is no grass blocking your view, and they lie on large limbs that are really blocked by the leaf canopy. The pride is large enough that some lions are always awake and moving around. You even have a great view of the cubs which are rarely seen in ground-dwelling prides because of the high grass. Ishasha is one of the few places to spot the topi antelope Large herds of elephants, kobs, bushbucks, buffalos, and hyenas roam this park and yes you do not want to miss the beautiful plains of the Ishasha. Proceed of Queen Elizabeth National Park a bio-diversity and oldest park in Uganda

Accommodation; The bush lodge for budget and mid-range or Mweya safari lodge for an upgrade. These two lodges offer exceptional wildlife experiences. Both are strategically located facing the Kazinga channel with great views

Day 7. Queen Elizabeth National Park with a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel.
Today You will Embark on another Guided Trip in Uganda in the northern sector of Kasenyi to catch a glimpse of the morning early risers, predators heading back to their hideouts. See Elephants, buffalos, bushbucks, water bucks, kobs, leopards, hyenas, and lions roaming and hunting. A lot of wildlife and bird-life is concentrated in this part of the park. Proceed to the fishing village and relax while window shopping, There are good craft shops if you want to grab a souvenir for your loved ones back home. Then head back to the lodge for lunch and proceed to the Mweya peninsula for the afternoon boat cruise on the Kazinga channel-go on a nonstop photo shot cruise. Schools of hippos, crocodiles, pelicans, lions, bushbucks, and elephants scorch off the heat. Water buffalos and elephants are not exceptional. You will be so close to them that you can take photos that are nearly impossible on land.

Accommodation; The bush lodge for budget and mid-range or Mweya safari lodge for an upgrade. These two lodges offer exceptional wildlife experiences. Both are strategically located facing the Kazinga channel with great views

Day 8. Transfer to Kibale National Park
Discover the new insightful self-drive in Uganda through the oldest cleanest and most colonial town of western Uganda, Transfer to the Kibale National Park is known to have the largest number of primates in Africa. Along the way, you go past the Rwenzori mountain ranges and the spectacular scenery and stop and visit the many different local markets. You will again cross the equator here and head north for your lunch, You could opt for lunch at the Gardens restaurant in the heart of Fort Portal town. The food here is excellent. You can visit the Amabere caves (breast caves) plus the irresistible scenic crater lakes.

Accommodation; The Kibale forest camp for a comfortable safari tent or the Primate Lodge for upgrades all nested and enveloped by huge and tall forest trees and just surrounded by nature.
Day 9. The close encounter with our closest relatives
This is a day dedicated to chimpanzee tracking or habituation. Whichever you prefer, take a swamp walk for different types of monkeys, red-tailed, black and white, mangabey, l’host monkeys both red and the Columbus. Kibale forest is also home to endemics and the turacos.

Accommodation; The Kibale forest camp for a comfortable safari tent or the Primate Lodge for upgrades all nested and enveloped by huge and tall forest trees and just surrounded by nature.

Day 10. Local Africa in a monkey village.
Are you a traveler who needs to understand the real Africa? Do you want to be part of the community, on this morning take a community/village walk. Visit homes, traditional healers, witches, and schools and understand how we do it in Africa. Trust us, the experience is interesting. You will then transfer to Nkuruba forest reserve, Crater Lake with a lot of monkey species, and play hide and seek games with these monkeys, especially the mischievous velvet monkeys. You can do a forest walk or walk to the top of the world viewpoint. Here is a beautiful view of the surroundings as far as Kibale and the scenic Rwenzoris. You can opt to visit the vanilla plantations or visit the 3rd biggest market in Uganda.

Accommodation: Nkuruba lake resort is a community church lodge enveloped in a forest with a variety of playful and mischievous monkeys. Opt for Ndali Lodge if you want to upgrade.

Day 11. Transfer through the oil-rich town, of Hoima
Enjoy another exciting Guided Trip in Uganda through the eye-catching tea plantations and local villages. Because the road to Murchison Falls is too much bumpy, take your time have breakfast and then head out slowly for Hoima town, the oil-rich town. Distance 218kms.Time 7hrs

Accomodations; Kontik Hotel. A well-established and simple hotel that offers great relaxation away from the noise of Hoima business town.

Day 12. Reaching out to the largest national game reserve.
After breakfast head up through Masindi and proceed to the Murchison Falls National Park, through the Budongo forest. You can opt for another chimpanzee encounter if you did not get enough of them in Kibale. It’s much cheaper here but not a guaranteed encounter. You can as well opt to do nature walks in the forest. After lunch proceed to the Paraa for ferry crossing. Do not miss visiting the Top Of the Falls. You will drive through the park till you get to Fort Murchison Lodge at the northern park entrance gate. Distance 170kms.

Accommodation; Fort Murchison for a budget and comfortable safari tent or you can opt for an upgrade at the Paraa Safari Lodge

Day 13. Murchison falls national park
Enjoy another fun-filled day of Guided Trips in Uganda with a wake-up call and a hefty breakfast for a morning game drive. Advisable to use the Delta through the Pakuba track. Do Not go past the dilapidated and old building next to Pakuba lodge, it’s a leopards den where they hitch on walls of the old building The rest of the track is endowed with spectacular wildlife, leopard, lions, the Rothschild giraffes, bucks, and game of all kinds. This is the biggest wildlife reserve in Uganda with a lot of wildlife to offer. After the game drive which could end at around 11:30 am or 12 am, you will proceed to the para aside and book for the afternoon boat cruise that takes off at 2:30 pm. For two hrs, you will be entertained by a lot of water animals and others quenching their thirst. Hippos, crocodiles, buffalos, elephants, and birds. The boat cruise takes you to the bottom of the famous Murchison Falls – part of the longest river in the world.

Accommodation; Fort Murchison for a budget and comfortable safari tent or you can opt for an upgrade at the Paraa Safari Lodge

Day 14. Transfer to encounter The Rhinos
Today you will Drive out of the park at your own pace to the Ziiwa Rhino Sanctuary. You will track the 2nd among the big 5 wildlife. This activity takes you about 2 hours. The encounter with these animals is awesome. After lunch, you will then drive south to Kampala for your dinner and overnight.

Accommodation: Red chili Or Humura all located in Kampala for a feel of the city of Kampala.

Day 15 of the Guided Trips in Uganda. Transfer to the heart of Mount Elgon with a traditional encounter.
Today you will enjoy another self-drive trip of about 180 km that takes you about 3hrs depending on your driving skills. If you are a nature lover, consider taking a stop at Mabira Forest for a typical rainforest nature walk. You can have lunch in this area and proceed east until you get to Mbale town. There are UWA offices here that can consult if you opt to hike the wanale hills. If you want to mingle with the community here, there are traditional circumcision ceremonies. The males at the age of 15yrs go into a transformation to adulthood and this is done by having these boys smear on some dirt-white mud, then run up and down all night singing their traditional song known as the “kadodi”. You can walk all way to the top of the hills to witness live circumcisions of the males. With a big sharp knife, you will experience what African traditional practices are like. These ceremonies are done from October until December. So traveling during those months will enhance great timing for traditional encounters.

Accommodation: MT Elgon Hotel. A very comfortable Hotel overlooking the Wanale hill of Mt Elgon.

Day 16. Spectating the origin of coffee and spectacular waterfalls
After a nice breakfast, enjoy another fun-filled Guided Trip in Uganda towards Kapchorwa. You may opt for the sipi river walk, public male circumcision ceremony, coffee tours, or visit the cabinet falls. Make arrangements for the spectacular sunset viewed from the top of the hills overlooking the Karamoja plains. Distance 56kms, Time 1hr:20mins

Accommodation; Noah’s ark hotel or Sipi River Lodge. Both are located with great views of the ship falls as well as the breathtaking and endless Karamoja plains.

Day 17. Transfer to the fun of water activities.
Enjoy a spectacular and relaxed late morning self-drive through the local atmosphere of Uganda to Jinja. The rice fields and the bird life here with a variety of fruit markets along the way. You would want to stop by or mingle with the locals. This wonderful self-drive is about 184kms and about 3 hrs drive.

Accommodation; Source the Explorers river camp for the budget option or opt for the Haven for an upgrade.

Day 18. Wake and relax to the sounds of the mighty river Nile.
Finalize your Guided Trips in Uganda and waking up to the sounds of grade 5 glasses of water is worth it. It’s all silent in the night and all you here are the sounds of the river and the great cormorants. This Haven lodge is well known for its tasty and generous breakfast. You can decide to relax or move down to the jetty to get a feel for the river. You can now get prepared to start leaving the lodge for the airport to be ready for your flight. It’s advisable to be at the airport 3hrs before your flight time. The traffic towards Kampala is so tricky and tight, so you need to beat that up in time.

This Pre-booked trip includes;

  • Airport transfer and drop-off
  • Car rental rate for 18 days
  • Mobile phone and sim card
  • Lazy camping at a bed and breakfast (17 nights)
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Bradt guide book
  • Uganda map
  • Cooler box

if you would like to make use of our Resourceful driver guides? Yes, it is possible on this tour with an extra of Us $630 to the Total. Contact us and let the adventure begin.

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