GPS for Rwanda self drive gives our clients a more relaxing and comfortable journey. Driving a car in unfamiliar destinations can be stressful and confusing but with crystal car hire, the trip and journey is literally in the palm of your hands— you can steer yourself in whatever direction and to whichever adventure your longing for at any given moment with your choice of stopovers.
Crystal car hire vehicles have a global positioning system device mounted in the vehicle, on the dashboard. The GPS tracking devices provide a wealth of information like receiving regular updates on vehicle locations, speed and direction of travel the client is taking. This reduces wastage of time for tourists in new destinations –You do not go off track to your desired destination. Whether you are travelling locally across the country, accurate directions for travel are very important because it helps maximize your fuel consumption as well as wear and tear on your vehicle. Accurate driving directions not only will save you time in your daily travels, but also will save you substantial gas money when travelling from place to place.

We offer Portable GPS Rental to help you traverse all corners of Rwanda with ease. At Crystal car hire, we know that travel always takes you to some new places, places you have never been before and therefore you need a reliable navigation system that will shed off the stress and save your time to move from one location to another. A GPS loaded with maps of East Africa will help you explore Rwanda easily with our rental cars. If you need one just tell us in an email and we will get you at a very small price.

Why Use Our GPS

We have updated GPS featuring fast, accurate route calculation, the most up-to-date East African maps and roads.GPS for Rwanda self drive navigation systems feature Garmin Maps with vocal and visual prompts with turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions. Most tourists fail to find their way back to their campsites or lodges and a GPS unit is the answer to easily locate your facility Whether you are camping, it will benefit you. I can’t imagine going camping in the middle of the game park and not being able to find my way out!

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about GPS for Rwanda self drive

What are the charges for a car having a GPS?

The rental charge for a car with GPS is according to the type of car you choose.

Which models of rental vehicles are equipped with GPS?

Whether you are renting a budget car, luxurious cars or a family car, all of them use the GPS system. You are free to choose from our list of rentals.

How can I use GPS Navigation unit if my hands are on the wheel?

To help ensure your safety, the GPS for Rwanda self drive designed to be programmed only when your vehicle is standing still. Just program your desired location before you start driving, and the GPS will do the rest! The system has an in-built speaker that will direct you to your location, so you don’t have take your hands off the wheel while you are driving.

For how long should I use the GPS for Rwanda self drive?

The Portable GPS for Rwanda self drive unit must always stay with you during the rental period. It needs to be returned to the original rental location. If the unit is dropped off at a location that has not been pre-approved a Portable GPS Navigation unit drop-off charge of —————————–applies

Where do I find my PIN code?

You will find the PIN on your Rental Agreement in the left-hand column labelled “GPS PIN”. Enter the PIN code into the device and it will work properly. If the PIN code is not on the Rental Agreement, please call us to provide it