The car hire procedure is an interesting one if you work with a competent company while to others it is stressing because of different reasons. Mistakes Done During Car Hire can vary and most of them are completely avoidable. Some do not have prior knowledge, others do it in a rush while others know what exactly to do but still make mistakes and end up spending more than expected so below are some of the mistakes done during car hire that you should avoid for your car hire in Rwanda.

Not reading the car rental agreement.

Many people don’t take it as a point to read through the car rental agreement but this is a great mistake done because the signature you put shows that you have agreed to all terms and conditions. Do you agree to what you’ve not read or understood? Of course not, so always reserve some time to read every page of the contract, understand and inquire on any bit that is not clearly  understood because in case of anything pertaining the car, this signed agreement will always have the highest say.

Making assumptions.

Make sure that as you proceed with your car rental bookings, ask for clarity on everything you need. Do not assume that the car comes along with insurance, child seats, fuel, spare tire or driver, ask your car rental company to clarify about all these such that you are really sure of what the car rental package involves otherwise you may end up in unexpected additional costs.

Contacting only car Rental Company.

It is always a good idea to contact different car rental agencies and compare their services, reviews, prices, discount and efficiency before you make final car rental booking. Contacting one rental company is not advisable though fine if you have landed on a trusted company.

Not inspecting the car on pick up.

Most clients do this because they are time bad and want to quickly drive and reach their destinations but do not do things that way instead, before you take on the car for hire, inspect its condition, look out for any present damages and inform the car rental office representative such that on return, the prior vehicle damages are not counted on you.

Making late bookings.

Always plan your trip as early as possible and make bookings in time because late bookings come along with different challenges. One that has booked late stands a high chance of either being charged highly or not getting the particular type of car they want because they may all be booked earlier.