Crystal car Hire  offers drivers additional coverage options for a price. If you buy their coverage, you can minimize your liability while driving the rental car. However, you may be covered already through our own auto or home owner’s policies. Read your insurance policies for specifics, and call your insurers if you’re uncertain about the coverage. If you’re traveling on business, you may be covered under your employer’s insurance. Some credit card companies and motor clubs provide members with free rental protection when you use their cards to pay for rentals.

Sales people also may try to sell you a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), or a Loss Damage Waiver.  It’s not technically collision insurance. Coverage under your medical insurance plan might offer protection that CDW coverage lacks.

If you purchase CDW, your coverage still could be revoked if you damage the rental car while:

  • Driving in a negligent manner
  • Driving on unpaved roads
  • Driving out of state
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • An unauthorized driver operates the car

Crystal Car Hire Rwanda offer other coverage options for additional charges. Prices and policies for coverage vary . If you decide to pay for extra coverage, ask for details.