Chauffeur hire in Uganda will give you the experience of a relaxed and luxurious journey. When was the last time you were driven around, relaxed in the back seat and actually look at the environment around you? Did you realize what you were missing out on looking or listening at the Google map for directions? This is what Chauffeur driven services is all about, we take all of the worries out of your trip and let you relax in the back seat or catch up on the presentation you need to go over before that meeting. Or maybe you just want to sightsee and get around for a few days do not worry how to get there, but just know you are getting there on time without getting lost.

Our local chauffeur knows his way around and can tell and show the place you missing on the way to that wine farm or event you need to be at. He knows the traffic and the roads allowing you to speak on the mobile without concentrating on the road and where to turn.

The trained driver will meet and greet you from where you choose! Airport or Hotel and transport you or the family around in a range of 8 vehicles that you can choose from:

Sedan Cars – Suitable for 3 or 4 passengers and their luggage. The car has got air conditioning and spacious boot for luggage. Saloon cars are an ideal choice for families and solo travelers.

Toyota Rav4 – Suitable for 3 -4 Passengers and it uses Petrol with enough space for Luggage, air conditioned a 4X4 Wheel Drive. Ideal for self-drive and chauffeur-driven safaris and tours.

Safari Land Cruiser – It’s a 4×4 Safari Land cruiser is suitable for tourists in need of a self-drive tour and camping in Uganda. Carries up to 8 people and has a pop-up roof.

 Land Cruiser Prado – This can accommodate 3 to 5 passengers and their luggage, air conditioners installed and are well serviced. We have both diesel and Petrol powered engine land cruisers. It is suitable for conference use and up-country travels as well

Toyota SuperCustom  – Suitable for up to 7-9 people, good air conditioning with enough seating space for luggage.

Safari Minivan – Has Air-conditioning system, has Extra Power for rough roads, enough space for luggage and Diesel Powered engine.

Coaster Minibus – Seating capacity of up to 35 passengers with a high roof and adequate space between the seat rows. This is very suitable for group travel, conference travel and student trips.

Nissan Patrol – A large four-wheel drive vehicle designed for safaris and rough roads and can accommodates 3- 5 people with enough space for luggage.

Uganda cars rental services are all available from many locations in Uganda, which include EntebbeJinja, Gulu, Mbarara, Fortportal and Mbale. All for the convenience, productivity, time savings, and driving safety for those corporate business people, events leisure groups or just simple holidaymakers that could make use of the relaxed Chauffeur service for their entire holiday period.

Imagine a sightseeing tour through Uganda on an itinerary that’s being drawn up just for you. If this interests you, please contact our office by email on