Car Rental Parking: If you are pregnant and you are planning to have a vacation before delivering, there is a need for you to consider certain items in your packing list to ensure that you have the most comfortable and convenient safari in any of the destinations of your choice. To be on the safer side, you will need to pack lightly to ensure that you are not strained while on your vacation, and for pregnant women, below are some of the items that you need to consider your Car Rental Parking List.

Clothing and shoes, like any traveller, you need comfortable clothing and shoes that do not cause pain to your heels and at the end of the day your feet start swelling. Make sure that you plan appropriately for what you are going to dress so that you have the most enjoyable vacation. Your clothing should be flexible based on weather pattern.

Medical records; make sure that you have packed any medical records in relation to your pregnancy together with maternity or doctor’s note which spells out the due date and describes that it is safe for you to move. And this is of great value for travellers who are on their third (3rd) trimester.

For visitors who are planning to travel to foreign countries, you will need to come with counter medication that will help you during cold or in case of heartburn. You have to be prepared to encounter all kinds of symptoms and make sure that you are in touch with your doctor to ensure that you are safe and you taking the right dosage.

Foods which do not cause discomfort to you while on your holiday. You can include some healthy snacks to help keep you busy at night after restaurants have closed or while you are traveling in the morning. Make sure that you have enough dried fruits, cereal bars, biscuits and many others. Your snacks should be accompanied by enough drinking water.

Maternity swimsuit, note that it is challenging for one to get a better maternity swimsuit at the destination that is why you will to come with your own.

You will also need anti nausea wrist bands in case you have morning sickness.

Don’t forget to come with your passport to help identify you and this should be valid for 6 months after your return date. Don’t be taken unaware when you reach at check point and you only realize that your passport had expired long time. Check your passport many times before setting off from home.

You may also consider a lightweight pregnancy handbook as it might be challenging for you to get access to internet.

Insurance information, make sure that you have cross checked with the destination to ascertain that you are covered. You will need insurance documents and in case you have a general multi trip travel insurance, ensure that it is valid otherwise you will opt for a better single trip policy.

You will need emergency contact information for your OBGYN and the closest medical facility to destination that you intend to pay a visit.

Hand sanitizer, the fact that your immune system can be less effective during pregnancy and given that you will be in crowded tourist sites, you will need to keep cleaning your hands many times. This means that you have to consider wipes and anti bacterial hand gel in your packing list.

Prenatal vitamins and other supplements, they should be more to take you up to the last date of your vacation to avoid finding challenges with getting the favorite brands while on vacation.

In conclusion, if you are planning to travel to Africa or any destination for a holiday before your due date, we believe that the above listed items will be of great help to you while you are on your vacation.