Car hire destinations for children in Rwanda a quite a number because of its various attractions like wildlife in Akagera national park, beaches along Lake Kivu that can be enjoyed as a family. However, there are places that aren’t destinations for children in Rwanda due to different reasons, so it would be a better idea not to include them in your itinerary if travelling with children and these include the following.

Genocide sites.

Since Rwanda is known for the 1994 genocide, it has a lot of memorial sites that are highly rated tourist destinations in Rwanda since they home the remains of victims and these include Kigali genocide memorial center, Murambi genocide site, Nyamata, Bisesero, Ntarama and many more. In different genocide sites, you will find skulls, bones, whole skeletons, victims’ belongings like rosaries, shoes, blood stained clothes, videos of the massacre and these are really scaring to children so do not plan to visit a genocide center unless you want to precipitate their night mares.

Volcanoes national park.

When you talk about Volcanoes National Park, what comes in some one’s mind is the wonderful and explorative activity, gorilla trekking. There is no greater deal in Volcanoes than this as it is the only place in Rwanda where you can locate mountain gorillas. You should note that children below the age of 15 years are not allowed to do the trekking activity, so once having a trip to Car hire destinations for children in Rwanda it is better to keep this out of your itinerary and opt for other places like beaches where you will enjoy as a family.