Rwanda is one of those amazing spots in the world travellers tend to go and take a safari on their own. Car Hire and Self Drive Vacations in Rwanda have become quite popular over the years. Renting a car in Rwanda allows visitors to tour all the top tourist hotspots in the country.

Most guided tour combos in Rwanda often constrain tourists to specific places of the country but on a self drive safari, you have the option of visiting several places of interest.

A self drive tour in Rwanda is such an exhilarating experience since the country is one of the most rated natural places in the world.

With thousands of hills awash with greenery, plenty of wildlife watching opportunities especially gorilla trekking in the Virunga ranges, and a well-constructed road network system makes the country the perfect destination for self drive vacations.

Self-drive safaris are the most attractive and most leisurely ways of encountering a green world like Rwanda. Tourists can visit the Virunga ranges where the mountain gorillas reside, take a walk around the Iby’iwacu cultural village, have an excursion at Lake Kivu, and also take a ride around Kigali city.

The diminutive area scope of Rwanda makes driving easier between destinations and makes your self-drive holiday more enjoyable by getting a superb possibility to stop in the middle of some good serene natural surroundings and make great contemplation.

In Rwanda, driving on your own is practical since most of the main routes leading to the top tourism destinations are asphalt. There are great communication and internet networks through the local telephone companies which reach out to every part of the country.

Therefore, national parks and other destinations are smoothly reached with no hurdles.  You can also easily communicate with your beloved ones on the holiday.

Self-guided safaris in Rwanda are very delightful and interesting expeditions to participate in. The countryside is surely breath-taking and captivating.

Rwanda is one of the richest bio diversities in the world it is dominated by rolling hills, beautiful water bodies, game parks, and wonderful forests

Noteworthy, the protected areas have unique and interesting fauna such as the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, the big five animals of Africa, and many more.

Hiring a car in Rwanda makes a charming difference in amusement levels on a tour.  It comes with seclusion and freedom and if traveling with family, it can turn out to be less costly and with remarkable benefits.

One of the easiest options for hiring a car for self drive safari in Rwanda is by visiting the internet and searching for reliable car rental companies. on the web, you’re exposed to an array of rental operators to book with depending on your budget and travel needs. Online car hire companies in Rwanda provide family cars, 4×4, and luxury vehicles. The onus is on booking with any agency that best suits your needs and budget. Contact us for the absolute best Car Hire and Self Drive Vacations in Rwanda.