Many people are passionate about traveling and sometimes they get away with it without proper planning and preparation. Incidentally something sudden may happen and you need to be prepared for the situation at hand. This becomes so easy for you if you have made better preparations and planning especially while traveling to a foreign destination like Rwanda. Here are the 7 Things to Plan for When Traveling to Rwanda. You utterly need to plan for numerous things when you are traveling to Rwanda which is unfamiliar territory.

Ensure that you have a lodge to stay in. You may believe that when you arrive in Rwanda you will find the lodge to stay in instantly but this is the case. Lodges and hotels may be spread all-over Rwanda however all may not be for your liking. To get a great place to stay, you must do proper research or seek advice from your ground handler beforehand. Research and proper planning enable you to know the kind of amenities the loges provide and hence make a final decision to select the best for you.

Always have a contingency plan when things go unexpectedly. Flights are frequently delayed, luggage gets lost, cars break down, or get issues when traveling to a certain destination. You need to have insurance for unforeseen problems. Ensure to purchase personal travel insurance and also request car rental insurance from your operator to offer you a leeway in case anything goes wrong while on the trip.

Organize transport means from Kigali International Airport and getting around Rwanda. The best option to conveniently and safely travel around Rwanda is by using car hire services. You will have someone to pick you up from the airport when you arrive and drive you to your hotel. You will have dodged the burden of looking for an airport taxi after a long-haul flight. Additionally, when you hire a car with a driver, you will be able to travel to any corner of the country without any doubt or fear of getting lost. The chauffeurs provided by rental operators are well-trained guides who know Rwanda inside out.

Have adequate funds for emergencies. Extra cash and a visa card must be at hand when traveling to Rwanda to cover emergencies. Keep the cash and the credit card in different safe places in that if one gets lost you can use the other. You should keep both out of reach from other people.

Find the location and contact of your country’s embassy in Rwanda. Traveling overseas is such an amazing venture but to have that bit of security and safety, you need to know where your embassy is located. The embassy can help you in many ways like if you have lost a passport, been kidnapped, or have got any problem that requires authorities to come in.

Carry your immediate contact with you. These contacts must include family, colleagues, and tour agents. Do not just store them on your phone but also write them in your notebook or memorize some of them if you can. You must keep a copy of these contacts in your hotel room in case you go out to engage in a few activities for a day.

Download Google Translate or any app for language translation on your phone. This helps when you need to communicate with someone who cannot speak English. Kinyarwanda is now a recognized global language, it has been added to the google languages, therefore, it is easy to use google translate to communicate with someone in Rwanda who does not speak English. Contact us to know more about these 7 Things to Plan for When Traveling to Rwanda.